Stop with typing animation!

8 11 2007

Don't type anymore!If you find really annoying seeing hundres of people chatting and making those typing sounds and animations like you are typing in the air, and seeing yourself being like a noob or even you wanna hide when you are typing to someone else, I have a solution for you.

 You need first set up your debugger settings (Pressing ctrl + Alt + D at same time) and it will appear two new menus: Client and Server. Now you just need to set up in your Client Menu > Debug Settings Option.

 It will open up a window with a dropdown menu. Go look on the list for the “playtypinganim” and next you put on False mode on dropdown below.

 Now it’s done! You won’t never hear yourself typing and writing at nowhere like a noob.

OBS: It will only work for your avatar. You will still hear other people typing and seeing their animations, unlessDebug Settings you ask them read this little tutorial and make everyone happy at the end.



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8 11 2007
Sedary Raymaker

People who have their typing animation off are annoying to talk to because I never know if I should be waiting for them to finish their response. I suppose it’s not bad for people who only type a few words at a time, but most people I chat with use complete sentences.

This applies equally well to people who start every comment with a gesture.

11 01 2008
Quaintly Questi

I tried Ctrl + Alt + D but nothing happens. I really want to get to that client menu so I can disable auto AFK as well. It’s very annoying when I get distracted by a phone call or short errand and then come back and find I’ve been logged off. I’m using the latest version of the SL viewer… any ideas why the Ctrl + Alt + D doesn’t work? Thanks!

11 01 2008

Hi Quantly!

For Anti AFK solution, there are a HUD that you can get most of the freebie store on SL!

Wearing this, it will automatically take your AFK mode off and you wont get disconnected. But if you take off this, it will make you in normal mode, it means, you can be idle and staying too long away from keyboard, get disconnected.

Try this place –
You should find an ANTI AFK or Orb of Idle for freebie.

13 01 2008
Quaintly Questi

Thank you so much, Rehula!

3 10 2009

to disable afk while gone

open the advanced menu cntr alt d
look for character
topoption there is afk while idle
uncheck that and you wont go away afk anymore

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