Greenies World – You will feel tiny on this HUGE world

21 11 2007

Greenie writing an email (trying at least) and me watching him lol

You must have heard about this fantastic place called Greenie´s Home. They are tiny green martians that lives around this huge house wich remembers me the Tom & Jerry scenario.

The subversion is exactly that. When you get teleported to the island, residents come to a tight sand dark tunnel . Then you walk few meters and you find a hole in the wall. When the house finally appears, you realize that your avatar is small compared to the place. Or that everything is huge.

Now – that is called WASTE!

Walking around the rooms, (living room, kitchen and office) you will find them in various position – smoking, drinking soda, running away from a huge cat, listening music in Ipod (it´s so huge compared to the greenie) And a macroscopic book is used to move the giant car to ride.  When you walk below the kitchen sink you will find an interesting thing. The pipe leak becomes a place for a little club disco.

Greenie writting his Schedules

You can visit the Greenies home at this address :



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