NDN New Releases

28 01 2008

Hi All

 There are new Releases at my store, please come check it out!

NDN - Funker Vogt T-Shirt  NDN - Wumpscut T-Shirt 

NDN - Krieg T-Shirt  NDN - Suicide Commando T-Shirt
NDN - Terrorfakt T-Shirt  NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Red

NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - White  NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Yellow 
NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Green  NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Green
NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Pink


Nebuchadnezzar Posing Animation Store

22 01 2008

Come to visit my store today, ive started selling few pose balls, some Matrix themed, sitting poses and group pose, come to check this out!
<b>MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! </b>

<a href=”http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plush%20Tau/129/204/22″>slurl.com/secondlife/Plush%20Tau/129/204/22</a>

Nebuchadnezzar Posing Animation Store

Tips do Reduce LAG

16 01 2008

Hello Residents!

 Some of us really face this so called LAG. This really annoys when you are in some party, with full of people, and you want to be on the topics but you can’t because your avatar walks, see, interact and speak so slow with others, that makes you mad.

 What is LAG ?

-A lag is a symptom where result of an action appears later than expected. (See Wikipedia for more information.)

How to face LAG ?

There are few options that you can config at your application, to help you reduce lagging and make your avatar works faster.

First, you go at Preferences on the Login menu or the Gray menu while you are in-world. Then click at Network tab inside preferences, then reduce the internet connection to 350 Kbps, and cache to 300 MB.

Then you click on Graphics tab and change your Draw Distance to 64. Now at Advanced Graphics, reduce your Particle Count to less than 1500. And uncheck the Anisotropic Filtering .
It is recommended if you use a lower PC processor, to dettach all your scripted objects and HUD (Head-Up Display). I know that most of you uses most of time your AO huds or anything else, but if you want to stay on a full sim, with less lagging problem. it’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why reducing my Internet connection will reduce the LAG? It’s not the opposite, it means, to raise the connection?
No, it’s because Second Life uses ALL your internet connection avaliable. You have to administrate well how you use your connection to not have troubles accessing websites and etc, while you are in-world.
What about the Cache, what does it do ?
Cache is a place in your HD wich saves all your Second Life information.  More space you use to cache, more slower Second Life will be.

What is a Draw Distance?
It’s the avaliable space from enviroment that your avatar will handle to see. More higher your space, more details will be downloaded to your cache (texture, objetcs), making your pc slower and Second Life as well.

What is a Particle Count?
Is how the particles will be counted to your avatar.  Many particles, more slower it will be.

Scuba Dive in Second Life – PADI Dive World

8 01 2008

Hello Residents!

 I´ve discovered something very fun and educational to do in Second Life. For those who loves Scuba Diving and likes to see the blue beauty of the sea world, should come to the PADI Dive World.

A great sim wich shows a little bit of what we have living on the long oceans, and a bit information about the living species .

What is PADI ?

Is The largest and most recognized diving organization around the world with courses ranging from Snorkeling to Course Director.

I really recommend you to go and learn a bit about the oceans.