Nebuchadnezzar Posing Animation Store

22 01 2008

Come to visit my store today, ive started selling few pose balls, some Matrix themed, sitting poses and group pose, come to check this out!
<b>MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! </b>

<a href=”″></a>

Nebuchadnezzar Posing Animation Store




2 responses

30 04 2009
Sav Demonia

Dudette.. this shit is fucking AMAZING!!! I am a huge Cyber Goth Fan and I’m wanting Cubergoth shit on Secondlife, one problem though. I’m a furry/Mobian (if you dont know what Mobian is, think Sonic the Hedgehog) I’m gonna try work on CyberGoth-ing my character up. I’de like to contact you in game, whats your name?
Again, this shit is amazing!!!

1 05 2009

Heya Sav!
Im glad you like the cybergoth scene indeed. you can find me in world as “trilochankaur rehula”, will be glad to talk with you 🙂

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