The Pet Village

6 05 2008

G´day Residents!

Here today i am to talk about some amazing, i mean AMAZING IN CAPS place. Totally relaxing, and the most cool, for people who adore pets! This is the Pet Village, build in like 6 sims, to make the most complex and beautiful place in SL history … there are real amazing enviroments, totally in japanese culture, and you can play with pets around the sim (and make they walk with you). The main laguage of the sim is japanese, so you better familiarize lol!

There are few pics i took when i took a time to relax there :

 The Pet Village
The Mainentrance, wonderful

The Pet Village
One of the enviroments that the Village has

The Pet Village
I found this place amazing

The Pet Village
Japanese Garden style

The Pet Village
Me and a fluffly cat walking around the Village… but now resting

The Pet Village
The pets wich lives around the Village

The Pet Village
And the Owner of the Village… apparentaly AFK. lol



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