The day that Internet Killed your language.

11 05 2008

Hello residents, and all people around….

 Today I am writing about some kind of frustration I have. It keeps growing each day and each time when I see people miss typing a lot. No. it’s not only a “miss typing”, it’s purposely thingy. Not just few dots missing or accentuation. I really mean those people who uses the word “you” only writing “U” and see “C”.  I don’t know if years by years people are getting a little “lazy” to writing in lines that we can read without have headaches for understand what they are meaning, or I am getting too old for this.

Internet slang’s and language are really killing your language. my language, World language at all. Some “u c waat I mean? ” and all those creepy lines get me sick, i keep thinking if people who are behind their computers are just kids learning how to write and type… We can see this a lot in on line games, chats, even blogs, and I still keep thinking, if someday they get a job interview, they will write on they curriculum’s in those vulgar Internet language as well, and see if they will be called to start working soon as they think it will….

English is not my primary language but well, I would like to write and pass the image that I am trying to be serious. When you type correctly, the first impression you pass to others is the seriousness about what you are doing at something. What hurts more is when you are trying to talk with someone in serious issues they start typing like that, myself get lost on they purposes and meanings, and somehow, i think they aren’t really getting serious on what I am talking.

I know that this issue really depends on the each country culture and way of life… For example, at my country, most teenagers do this in some way, they say it’s “more fast and easy to type something that they want”,  but hell, if you want to type, at least do it clearly and make the next person read it “fast and easy mode “too! We, at least myself, am not obligated to see your assassination of my language. I want to read it clear, straight and no vulgar Internet slang. Less “U” words i see, better and seriousness i will think about you.

My wish was to see people typing correctly, no matter place or occasion it is… Think about when you get a job… if you work on publicity or marketing enterprises and talk or write this way like you do, you will really loose clients because of this… Take a time to learn and and type it good, if you are too rush and want to use less words to say what you feel… It’s better you take a picture of the moment you are or just keep shut…


Well, sorry for all this bad mood, but i needed to say this, somehow, as this Internet slang is polluting every people’s minds…