New Spamming/Scam Mania at SL®?

12 05 2008

Hello Residents!

I would like to warn to all of you, newbies to veteran residents who are looking easy ways to get money on Second Life®.

There are running avatars spamming your instant messages with messages promising you that will win to 5000L /25000L if you fill out a survey. They also put some suspicious link (never click if you receive it!) With some data form to fill, like your full avatar name, and those kind of stuff.

THEY WONT NEVER GIVE YOU A THING! And you will be at risk to get your avatar robbed by a hacker! All they want is to take all your lindens, and also your private information, if you have a payment info on profile, they can also take info from your credicard number! so in ANY WAY don´t click in any link sent by those people!

This is the example of a message that I keep receiving, at least 2 times a week at same time:


[17:27] Navarro Frischohl: heya,  want some free lindens?  we can give you some just check out h**p:// <- go there you can earn up to $l5000 right now (for not make them some traffic i took off two words, but DON´T CLICK ON IT! If you do, it´s by your own risk. I just have advised.


 All you can do is fill out an AR (Abuse Report) and mute those people! We can´t do much, but if you keep receiving this kind of IM write a notecard about it and send to all your friends and let them know about this new SCAMMING over SL®!



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