NEW SEARCH : HOW to setup advertising in SL

21 06 2008

It is important that you read everything in this document if you have trouble making sl users finding your shop/business.

First let me mark up what you need to get started advertising your products or service.

1. A business location on a commercial SIM (“Show place in search” must be activated in About Land).
2. Rights to maintain your parcel name and description on your business location.
3. Willingness to NOT think “my shop must be nice – both the name and the amount of items”. You need to beat your competitors.
4. 150-300L per week to have 2-3 classifieds ads running.

5. Make people you know (or customers) have a picture of your shop in their picture section in their profile


1. Your business location / Shop.

The first you do when you have your parcel purchased for your business (maybe you already have the land), is to open
the “About Land” from either “World” > “About Land” menu in top of your viewer – OR right click on the ground texture on the parcel and click on “About Land” in the pie menu.

Here you hurry to the “Options” tab in this window. Here you look for a check option called “Show place in search”.
Make sure to check this and KEEP it checked. This costs 30L per week to LL, but is a small price to make a good business.
Another thing on this tab is: If you don’t have any items on this parcel which is categorized as “Mature”, then REMOVE the “Mature Content” check option. Else this will prevent your shop from being seen of those who only search in PG ratings.

Next right click and “Edit” all your items for sale (it doesn’t matter if it is “for sale” or using “pay” vendors). In the “General” tab in “Edit” make sure to check the “Show in search” on ALL your items you are selling. This will make more available counts in the search engine database.

Now section one is done.

2. Maintaining your parcel name and description.

Make sure you have the right to change those to what you like.

3. Moving away from NICE to “Using my elbows”

You now want to look at your business name. Not the real business name you have, but the one used on your parcel.

My own business is named “Palen Design & LF Creations”, BUT….my parcel name is called “Palen Vendor Systems & LF Creations – Vendors / Business”.

I do this because it means alot which words is mentioned in the parcels name and descriptions. The parcel name is actually more important than the description.

My main product is my vendors, so I want those to be mentioned as much as possible. I also happens to know that alot of new business owners look for “business” related stuff in search to get started, so I also have that in my title.

Always think about what am I selling, and WHO do I want to find me.

Therefore if you don’t sell SEX, then don’t put the word sex in anywhere. It will only give you visitors you DON’T want.

The description on the parcel is the second thing to look into.
Here you want to make sure your best selling products (or what you expect to be the best selling) is mentioned alot. But be aware that you only have 1024 characters to do with in the description.

Again only use words that has some relation to your products.

4. Classified advertising
You would probably say that if you want to use classified advertising you will not need the other things. But you are wrong then.

Classified ads are also used to rate your listings in the new search and is therefor an important part.
But you don’t need ads that costs half of your RL salary.

Make 2-3 classifieds (i recommend 3) ads in classifieds that are almost identical. By this I mean where the same words are almost the same in all 3. Pay only very little for those (50-100 Lindens per ad), unless you really want to make a combined advertising and feel it is worth the money to pay for more.

Now you are done setting up your advertising for your business parcel.

5. Making your friends have your business in their picture section of their profile.

The more people who have a picture of your business in their profile the higher you will be listed.
This means they HAVE to be ON your business parcel when they creates the new picture. This will also create a Teleport pointer to your shop, and will make you more popular seen with the search engines “eyes”.

I have set up a monthly contest myself where I take out a random group member with our shop in his/her profile and the price is 2500L. This is ONE way making people having that picture, but it could be any way.

6. ?????????????????

The worse mistake you can do now is getting impatient. Advertising always takes time to work. In this type of advertising you can follow the improvements from day to day. But you will not jump from page 10 to 1 from Wednesday to Thursday.

After we moved our shop it took 4 weeks to get on top of page 1 again, so if you don’t have the patience then this is not your way of advertising.


I will wish all who uses these guidelines good luck and a good business in SL.


Please Give Zep Palen credit for putting this together for us and feel free to visit his shop in world.



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4 05 2009

Many thanks for taking the time to write this excellent advice!

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