What is your purpose on SL?

15 10 2008

Second Life purposes : Some has, others doesn´t.

Some people believe that Second Life is a good place for relax, to unstress about the RL deeds, find a place to throw up all the anger and frustration about the real life is, to find a match for their heart, to do anything they feel to, etc. Well, im on this option by the way.

Real life should be more flexible like we have on our Second Life. It is cool, because outside this metaverse you are just one more on the hood, some unknow guy that does like everybody do. But with some small skills you have, that may not have that importance to people around you, it´s a great matter who does live inside this metaverse. You can express yourself thru your skills in a magical way, that you become not just someone else, but YOURSELF, with a good name. Purposes are like this.

Some people likes to have their purposes on relationship (i find this issue more hard to discuss), because some people think on the same way and it gets more easier to their understand on what they feel about “seeking love”…

But you cannot think just because some people spends most of their time on this metaverse, they doesn´t have a life. Most of people, works, to pay their sim tiers, or works on offices that allows to run second life when it is in break time. They got real friends, but they know how to share their friendship between those two lifes. Some might not have much real friends in RL, but the least one or two their have they can count on them like brothers and sisters. Also applies that in SL friendship.

SL friendship is a very vague issue. Because it´s more harder to know who you can trust, who you can tell your problems and secrets, indeed, but that really depends on you to choose who you want to share it. Some people doesn´t like to bring their RL to SL, because of this. I think it is cool to separate both lives and the purpose is to meet people with same tastes on lot of things, have things in common, but talking about life is too much drama that i think it doesnt have to happen.

Do you usually tell where you from to people? Your real name and stuff? I think what is important is everybody can speak in english. Where you from, what you do, doesn´t really matter to no one else. What it does matter is your skills, your talents and creativity that can bring most positive things to Second Life, helping their growing up even more.



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