Tips to get great outfits in Second Life for free! (Lucky Chair)

26 11 2008

Hello Residents!

Most of you all new, veterans know that Second Life provide things for free and paid. But Free items we can find a lot of them, and specially in GREAT QUALITY.

What is the secret of this anyway? It´s called LUCKY CHAIRS. Like it´s said on the name, lucky chair is usually used by store owners to promote their store. Given some good quality outfits and accessories, it help make people wear them and tell their friends about the place.

This is a Themed Lucky Chair, for Xmas, can be found at my mainstore

This is a Themed Lucky Chair, for Xmas, can be found at my mainstore

 How does it work?

Those Chairs provide Letters (A to Z) wich randomly will give prize that is inside of the chair. There are themed chairs, like for Xmas, halloween, and the original LC one. That´s why i recomend, never sign up for an account with numbers before your name! Because LC doesn´t give prizes to avatar wich has any number before the letter, for example, 84Kris Beck.

The Chair owner chooses if he wants to give cash or prize, or can be both. Some places gives out to 1L to 10L depending on the place. You can make up to 100L in a day if you are really lucky to find lots of chairs with lindens around!

Because of this new Lc wave there are lots of competitions with same letters. You will always find same people around the chairs looking for the same thing as you do. You can be their friends or they chair enemy, (happens sometimes). 

There are lots of LC specialized groups wich will always gives you landmarks with letters to visit – and most of the users help each others giving the landmarks indeed.

There are another way to hunt for lucky chairs – the easy HUD for chair hopping called oX DOS HUD), wich you wear and it will apear a circle on the middle of your screen, and you can click it and it will give you addresses with the places that are giving prizes with your letter, automatically. To visit those places, you will have to open your chat history and click the desired landmark.

This is the box for take the oX DOS HUD, can be found at my mainstore

This is the box for take the oX DOS HUD, can be found at my mainstore

You can get a copy of the oX DOS HUD at my Store and also be lucky to get some great outfits and accessories from NDN at this landmark –

You know when you are talking to a Noob when .. (Funny SL Moments)

19 11 2008

Hello All!


After passing by some funny moments and also reading few websites, i felt like i had to open this post and share some nice funny moments i had with few customers and also random people around Second Life.

You know you are talking to a noobie when…

  1. When they buy clothes from you and receive the prim box wich is the package of that outfit, and I get an IM complaining that “Your outfit is a box with a picture? Why is that?” Wich they don´t realize that need to rezz on floor to unpack it.
  2. When randomly someone see you building your things on sandbox and they start talk to you and you answer nicely and suddenly after a long talk about what we do on Sl, they ask, “would mind answer me what is a PRIM?”
  3. Just like the item 1, when someone gets a prize at my lucky chair and then IMs me “hey i got ur prize stucked on my left hand what should I do?”
  4. When you put your prim outfits with the resizing scripts, you cleary states that in a notecard and on the product image with is given together on the outfit, and someone IMs you saying “how the hell i suppose modify to fit my avatar with those no modify prims?” And then I nicely answer back “Have you looked the notecard inside the folder, and also did you even read the product vendor wich cleary says “Prims modifiable by menu?” They just simple oops.
  5. When someone didn´t even speak to you and comes with that vampire bite thing, wich is annoying.
  6. When they usualy buys a house in a Box, they take long time to build it all. Why? they didn´t use the rezz tools, they just simply open the rezz tool box and try to build it manually u.u
  7. When after 5 minutes of talking they ask to be they boyfriend, you don´t even know them!
  8. When they come show up to you some “nice stuff” they say they build, and when you see, it´s a Linden made object u.u
  9. Being asked for sex, no conversation, nothing before, just that annoying question
  10. When they wear prims that are totally out of the shape, foot appearing off the prim shoes, bracelets just floating around the arm, hair totally messed up, and they find that glamorous (they even put a profile picture with that!)
  11. When they go to a shape/skin store, they find a nicely product (with what is selling on that product is the SHAPE not the SKIN), they buy it thinking they got a nicely skin from that vendor but they only got the shape, and them im complaining about that. (i start to think how people are lazy to read the product labels)
  12. When they doesn´t talk anything else but how to get money, if i can borrow them, how to get a job, how to find places for it, etc
  13. When they think Sandbox are their homes, they think they can build a city over there and try shout to everyone ” don´t even enter on my private land!”
  14. When they uses Sandbox to grief anyone “ohhh how macho mens are they…”
  15. When they build a house on a sandbox and put a orbiter on that place (sandbox is public)
  16. When they start doing those annoying ugly dances like hugglefuck someone when it´s away, those annoying gestures, start making fun of everyone who enters the sim, with those giant ugly necklace prims they wear thinking they are from the ghetto.
  17. When they keep asking you  – How can I change the make up of my skin? – you simply answer – buying another skin from the same type but with different makeup, they just get angry “howcome spend lots of lindens in lots of same skins with different make ups” it´s just no comment.
  18. When they attach they private parts and start stalking you everywhere you go on that sim and shouting “hey have sex with me!”
  19. When they only do for living is lucky chair hopping.
  20. When they doesn´t even know what Mainland is.
  21. When they suddenly appears into ur house and you greet them and they greet back “hey i am just observing you”.

And possible lots of more. If u have any to share, please post them! =p