A desperately letter from a merchant to Linden Lab Support: Please Fix the Xstreet Logins!

28 02 2009

Dear LL Support:

 It’s really annoying when we are adding dozens of new products, after write a long description, we click on submit and loose all we write because of this login glitch. I am having headaches, have to rewrite all over it again, even worse, i have to use notecard now to not loose everything i wrote on my products! please do something for the christ sake, this isn’t hard enough to change, just a line on your php system! We know that you all read this but please at least A NOTE on why suddenly we have to log in in each 10 minutes. This is really scaring off customers from every merchant here, wich we give our urls in world to shop here and they can’t because every minute they have to keep digit they password hundred times.

To show up how this is very important to us, merchants, even for your most serious users and of course, customers, we have opened a thread on your very new aquired Xtreet website . I don’t know why this had to be touched, that you have more important stuff to take care on that website. This is really affecting business traffic for all of us, as you lindens don’t have a “business” inside the metaverse and don’t know how important our xtreet website needed to be vert easy accessed for everyone.

It’s not safe to keep digit the password everytime. Some of us uses Xtreet on lan houses, friend houses, whatever, and keep login everytime just because of this stupid glitch, we are not safe.

I hope my and others merchant cause can make some significant to your second lives. Thank you, from a desesperatly merchant trying not to loose patience.

NebuchadNezzar on Second life´s Showcase!

21 02 2009

Howdly all!


I am very surprised and happy when i suddenly went surf into Second Life´s showcase and find NDN in there! It´s a thing that i thought it would never happen but it did! 😀

This showcase is to show the very best interesting spots around SL. It~s very hard to get in and takes months to be with others greats designs on this list.

This is the shot taken to proof:

NDN On SL´s Showcase

I am really really happy and excited for this recognition. I would like to thank you all for this support during this 1 year of ndn!

How to kill sales and drive off customers. (Funny Rant)

17 02 2009

This is a funny rant. Don´t take it serious!

First of all use 1024 x 1024 textures for all your products. This will ensure slow slow load times making the customer impatient and leave. Smaller textures like 512 x 512 are 1/4th the size and allow faster load times and in most cases aren’t going to appear less detailed then ones 4 times the size and you don’t want to actually let customers see your items. God forbid using anything smaller like 256 x 256 textures..

Find a mall where everyone uses 1024 x 1024 textures also helps kill those pesky sales and keep customers who don’t have time to stand around two hours waiting for textures to load.

Make sure you use lots of network vendors. These babies love to lag and take forever to load textures. And if you need a vendor system don’t use those non-network ones because they are just too fast and never cause much lag.

Have your store layout that is confusing and poorly arranged. This will make sure any customer who is looking for a particular items hopelessly lost and they will probably give up.

Make sure the teleport spot faces away from your store and faces out to other stores. This will give new customers a chance to go shopping at stores you don’t own because hey they think they teleported to your store. Best way to do this is face away from your door as if you just walked out of it then set the teleport location and Landmark.

And last but not least ignore those pesky IMs and note cards when people ask for help. By doing this you can be assured they won’t recommend your store to others or even wear your items and use them where others can see how cool they are. After all most sales are word of mouth and others seeing people using and wearing your things.


From : Xtreet User Forum

New NDN Release – Bright Galaxy Dress (Gothic Lolita)

16 02 2009

NDN - Bright Galaxy Dress
A Gothic Lolita style, bring a little touch of cyber lolita for your party.

It has two kind of dresses: In white or black version. The pack comes:

– Corset
– Shorts
– Prim Skirt
– Sculpted Collar with tie

Sculpted prim item resizeable by menu.

Come visit us!

:: Grand Opening of Second Life’s first Cybergoth Club! – Club NDN (Aka NebuchadNezzar)::

15 02 2009

We want to expand the Cybergoth Community more on Second Life now bringing you all in our newest club that is located on Nebuchadnezzar sim.

The grand Opening of Club NDN will happen tomorrow (february 16th at 11 am): with two first hours with our Head DJ and Club Manager Jaime playing some Harsh EBM, Power Noise, Industrial and EBM. There will be some gifts during the event, so you aren’t going to want to miss out!! We hope to see you all here partying with us!

Here is the LM!




Sculpt users addict : Tip about LOD sculpted prim!

14 02 2009

Do not be taken in by Sculpty Myths!
Do you use sculpties but are disappointed with the Level Of Definition
at distances?

Sculpted prims are now a huge part of Second Life’s Abilities to Create!
If your not using them because of the lag you think it creates or the
Blobbyness some sculpted prims seem to be at distances,
Then this tip is the Amazing Fix to that!

There is an Amazing Fix for this ,
that will not only help your Sculpted Prim Viewing Pleasure and not
use up all your resources.

Debugging your LOD settings is something that can and will make all your sculpts hold the intended detail better.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Show the “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.
2. Select “debug settings” near the bottom.
3. In the blank space, copy and paste the word:


Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you! And it will improve the look of all sculpts.

You can thank the wonderful Vendors on xstreet for this trick.
I saw this tip and had to spread it to the world!

Follow like this picture

Follow like this picture

4. The recommend setting it as high as 4 to get all your sculpts looking as the maker intended.

Grand opening Club for Cybergoths around Second life!

11 02 2009

Howdy spookykids,

Im glad to announce out first NDN related club to all the cybergoh community in second life. We will be opening the inauguration this next monday (february 16) with the best Industrial, harsh, agrrotech, noise music with Djane Jaime and Ciara hosting the party. We invite you all to come join this day and possible lot of goodies can be given during the party!

Just to remind:

Date: 16/02

Second Life Time: 11am to 1pm (2hrs of set)

Landmark: NebuchadNezzar Sim


See you there!

NDN Corset Backpack

2 02 2009

 NDN - Corset Backpack

This newest and never seen in SL release, Corset Backpack, is high sculpted and textured, and it remember those cute Bucket Corsets and you have seen girls wearing. Texture changeable by menu, you have 5 choices of colors.
Give more dark look to yourself, using this pretty Corset Backpack!