Become the Scissorz!

6 04 2009

Inspired on the Tim Burton´s Character, Edward Scissorhands, we brought up for all the Tim Burton Lovers this beautiful masterpiece, to live and become a scissorz. Here you can feel what is like to be a unfinished creation of a great Inventor.

This outfit is a complete avatar, everything you see on the picture is included on the pack. (All the items are NO TRANSFER)

Pack included:

Pale Skin
Scissor Hands
Animation Override (2 stands, 1 walk animation)

NDN - The Scissorz


Come check!

A strange request while i was shopping…

1 04 2009

OK, so I had the strangest experience yesterday.

I was in the grocery store just minding my own business. Out of nowhere, this guy comes up to me and just starts staring at me and looking at me. He looked a bit like he had just seen a ghost or something.

So I asked him, “Do I know you or something? Why are you staring at me?”

He shakes his head and apologizes and almost started to cry. I was really freaked out.

He explained to me that I looked just like his sdaughter on that was killed in an accident. He had always wished that he could just have a few more moments with her. I was in a bit of a hurry, but I didn’t want to be totally rude.

So I let him keep talking to me as I walked around the store. He told me his entire story. (I kinda feel bad for saying this, but I kept thinking, ‘Is he ever going to shut up?’) I don’t really want to get into the details of his story here because it isn’t for me to tell, but, having lost people close to me before, I really did relate.

Well, we walked and talked as both of us shopped. I really felt like I was doing a good deed by letting him pour his heart out to me.

You know how you can tell when someone has something they want to ask you, but they really aren’t sure if they should. Well this guy started kinda acting like that. Being the nice person I am I asked him what as wrong.

He said he had a HUGE favor to ask, but if I said no it would be understandable. He said it was really an odd request. I was a bit uneasy thinking about what it could be, but I told him to tell me anyway.

He just wanted me to say goodbye like I was his daughter. He though maybe it would give him some closure.

Reluctantly, I agreed. He checked out ahead of me in line and as he was walking away, he started to tear up and said, “Goodbye, Daughter” to which I replied, “Goodbye, Dad” and he left.

I was actually relieved that is was over. I set the couple of things up there and the cashier rang them up and said that my total was $327!

WHAT! I flipped out on the poor girl and called her some names I’m not proud of. She said that my dad told her that I was going to pay for his groceries with mine.

I went running out the store and caught the guy as he was getting into his car. I tackled him full force. As he was trying to run away from me, I was pulling his leg, just like I am yours now……April Fool’s!