TIP: Why do I look like a particle cloud? (Formerly known as: I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an ugly woman.)

30 01 2010

Old default “Ruth” avatar

In versions of Second Life before Viewer 1.20, we used a default avatar loading form known as “Ruth”, as shown at right. When your avatar suddenly turned into an ugly woman, Residents called it being “Ruthed”, because Ruth is the historical name of an early avatar form — not unlike having a great, great-grandmother.

Default “plasma cloud” avatar

In the Second Life Viewer version 1.20 and later, your appearance is that of a plasma cloud while your avatar is loading. This effect is not permanent and your avatar will take form as things around you begin to rez (load). During this time, you may not access the Appearance Editor.

You also appear as a cloud when some information about you gets lost on the way from one place to another. However, you are not stuck this way permanently! Follow these steps to restore yourself to normal:

From your main menu, click Edit > Preferences > Graphics tab.
Slide the Quality & Performance slider to a lower setting.
Check the box next to Custom on the Graphics tab.
Move the Draw distance slider to the left.
Slide the Mesh Details sliders to Low.
Avatar Impostors is checked by default. If you have unchecked it, activate that feature again.
Additional helpful techniques:

Log out and restart Second Life (relog).
Right-click yourself, select Appearance, do NOT save anything, and click Close.
If those don’t work, try the following process:

Access and wear a default avatar.
Re-wear your normal shape, skin, clothes, and attachments. This step is much easier if you are using a pre-existing saved outfit, but remember not to save anything before your avatar is restored!.
Tip: If you tried all of the above, and your avatar is still a cloud, submit a ticket to our Support team for assistance.

To get other avatars to load faster:

Lower your draw distance.
Zoom in closely on the avatar that still shows as a cloud.

NEW NDN Releases! Biomech Latex Suits for Male and Female!

28 01 2010

I know that you love all those shiny latex stuff… so NDN once again, made for you, glowstickers, some awesome Biomech Suits for males and females out there, with 7 colors of choice and each pack contains 6 designs of the suit.

Put more Cyber glamourance into your Second Life.

NDN - Biomech Suits Ad


Make some Noise at Janurary 27 th in Club NDN!

25 01 2010

This Wednesday, DJ Pangs will be running out a great party, with a Contest running (BEST IN ANIME) , you can win a NDN valuable prize at the end!! Lots of Industrial, Goth, And song requests!

The Event will start to 10-12 PM SL time.

Don´t forget to get the ride!


Meet our Toxic Wastelanders Merchants!

23 01 2010

Want to see more on what we got on Toxic Wastelands?

These are our current Toxic Wastelands Shoppers, bringing out you more of goodies!
WOG – Waste of Gestures

Blood Driven


Dark Draconia

  Want to join with the Toxic Wastelanders Merchants? Please IM trilochankaur rehula for more info in avaliable spots.

First release of 2010 at NDN – Nuclear Fallout Gasmask

20 01 2010

With the First Release of 2010,  we present you the fully scripted Nuclear Fallout Gasmask, wich you can change the lens into 3 different designs, also hide and show filters and spikes, and control the breath sound with one click.

Stay prepared out there, you never know what can happen! Enjoy    =)

NDN - Nuclear Fallout Gasmask



[updated]Toxic Wasteland Land Pricing Rates

14 01 2010

Toxic Wastelands Current Avaliable land/Prefab Houses/Shops spaces to rent!
January, 14th, 2010

With the new sim open up, we are offering you with a very new cheapest prices of rental to our lands. If you enjoy post apocalyptic enviroment, we got that space for you!

This is the new modified rates of prices to purchase land plus weekly rental:

720 sqm 164 prims – Purchase for 120L plus 480L weekly.


– [SOLD] 2080 sqm 476 prims – Purchase for 200L plus 600L weekly.

– 3120sqm 714 prims – Purchase for 300L plus 1200L weekly.


784 sqm 179 prims – Purchase for 150 L plus 560L weekly.


672 sqm 153 prims – Purchsce for 100 L plus 400 L weekly.


We are sure that you won´t find any other place with cheapest price rates as ours.

********************If you look for a bigger land to put up your store or house, we can make it on demand for you (will be informed of the price rates and prim avaliables with speak directly to trilochankaur Rehula). *****************************

With the purchase of those lands you will have the abilities of :

– Change the Media Settings
– Change the Land Name
– Change the land picture
– Ban avatars or eject
– Use Banlines
– Add the land on search, etc.

Lands ready to live in – just pay up the prims you will use!

If you if are looking only places to rent out prims within no purchase land, we got you few prefab lands ready to live in (just pay the prim usage):

My Broken Corner (118 prims avaliable) – 250 L weekly


Shelter of the Undreams (30 prims avaliable) – 100 L weekly


Abandoned Trailer (50 prims avaliable) – 150 L weekly

Hotel FallinApartments (Cheap Apartments to rent, 23 prims avaliable) – 50L weekly


NOTE: Those Lands doesnt give you land owner rights. When purchased, you will be invited to join the Residents group so you can start rezz.

Premade Shops to rent !

We algo got you cheap shop space to rent, if you have your own business and want to start to get known, we can help you out there. Post apocalypt themed shops, you will find those prices rates avaliable to you:

20 prims shop – 100L weekly


39 prims shop – 120 weekly


26 prims shop – 110 weekly


NOTE: Those Lands doesnt give you land owner rights. When purchased, you will be invited to join the Merchants group so you can start rezz.


Any demand of land size of your desire, we can work on that. Just im with the land size info and will can give out how many prims will be avaliable aproximately to trilochankaur Rehula.

NDN went crazy! 50 % discount on ALL PRODUCTS for a limited time!

13 01 2010

As with the Reopening of NDN with the New Toxic Wastelands Sim, our store will be giving out 50 %, yes, i said 50% discount in whole NDN products, for a limited time, to celebrate this return. Also you will have the hability to buy as a gift of any of your friends as you wish.

As we don´t know how much this discount gonna take, so hurry up get the stuff you still don´t have!!
To find more about this great news, tp to our Mainstore and Look for a Vendor wich is giving out this discounts.
Happy shopping


We Look for you, Wastelander!

13 01 2010

NDN Goes Toxic Wasteland!
Not only that we have a new logo… there is way more to discover.

NebuchadNezzar is at a new place… http://slurl.com/secondlife/Toxic%20Wastelands/130/129/32

We moved to a whole new sim with new club and of course
the new headquarter of NebuchadNezzar.

NebuchadNezzar created new stuff… NDN Schaden Boots)
The Schaden Boots are just a glimpse on what we will sell to you in the
future. There is still way more to come. And of course we still have the
clothes we used to sell before for a limited time for 50% of what they cost
before. (for the first opening week)

*NebuchadNezzar has new people…
And of course we still deliver the same quality as we did before.

We even give you a home if you are homeless. On the new sim, you
can rent from a cheap house up to your own land where you can do
whatever you want.
So, come to the new and improved NebuchadNezzar… and better
wear your gasmask… coz we are now Toxic Wastelanders.

NDN Goes Toxic Wastelands!

9 01 2010

Howdy Spooky Kids!

This year with the return of NDN , we are promising to build a bigger place again for the Cybergoth Community. We will be moving to the Toxic Wastelands, where we can feel and be prepared for the apocalypse. Stay up to date, soon we gonna open for everyone. Land rentals will be avaliable, store rentals, and home rentals too. So if you are looking to live inside the wastelands, well, stay on alert, cause we will open the spaces for you.

NDN Goes Toxic Wastelands!