We Look for you, Wastelander!

13 01 2010

NDN Goes Toxic Wasteland!
Not only that we have a new logo… there is way more to discover.

NebuchadNezzar is at a new place… http://slurl.com/secondlife/Toxic%20Wastelands/130/129/32

We moved to a whole new sim with new club and of course
the new headquarter of NebuchadNezzar.

NebuchadNezzar created new stuff… NDN Schaden Boots)
The Schaden Boots are just a glimpse on what we will sell to you in the
future. There is still way more to come. And of course we still have the
clothes we used to sell before for a limited time for 50% of what they cost
before. (for the first opening week)

*NebuchadNezzar has new people…
And of course we still deliver the same quality as we did before.

We even give you a home if you are homeless. On the new sim, you
can rent from a cheap house up to your own land where you can do
whatever you want.
So, come to the new and improved NebuchadNezzar… and better
wear your gasmask… coz we are now Toxic Wastelanders.



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13 01 2010

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