Coming soon… Synthec Series for Male and Female! Plus News Cyberlox for both!

18 02 2010

Howdy Glowstickers!

That is right. We are working hard to bring you out some new wicked outfits, also new cyberlox for men and women. Be in eyes to this blog to get to know when they gonna be released!!

Check it out the Picture to have some idea on what we are gonna release….! Hope you like it!!

Synthec Series Plus New Cyberlox coming soon!

360o. View of NebuchadNezzar !

14 02 2010
Of those who aren´t able to see on Second Life inside of our store, there is a short view of how does it look it inside, for you.

E:/Exe Cuteness Hairfalls Release!

8 02 2010

More 7 styles of new Hairfalls made by NDN … and the possibility of change the up tubes colors of your Falls with HUD Color change!
Get them today!

E:/Exe Cuteness Hairfalls Release!

The Kubrick Rooms: Rememberance of the Greatest Movie Director

2 02 2010

Even that S.K is still in our memories until today with his polemic films, Second Life Residents brought the short version of all the movies that Kubrick directed, into small Rooms. You will see since from Clockwork Orange to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It´s a place of worth visiting for those who are true Stanley Kubrick Fans.

Artwork Stealer?

2 02 2010

Some New deviant art user thinks that the Deviantart Website  is a flickr website or something … to be posting anything they desire. I´ve found my artworks stolen post on deviantart website and you guys should also take a look if yours aren´t there too.

I got my own deviantart website wich can be found here – and all those works that states my store were uploaded there juts claiming as their own.

 Report is the fastest way to remove those artwork stealers. (the person that is stealing the pictures)

Stolen Image

Original Sources and

Stolen Image

Original Sources

Stolen Image

Original Source

Stolen Image

Original Source