NDN @ The Crazy Arse Hunt 2! – 15th July to 15th August

29 06 2010

WHY do you want to go on a hunt like this?

    * Simple. It’s fun!
    * Models often need to wear unique hairs on the runway of fashion shows.
    * Even if it’s something you normally don’t do, it’s good to have a stock of interesting hair to use if you need           it.
    * Your friends will see you in a new light.
    * You will find new and exciting shops you never knew existed.
    * Many of our designers have never made hair, a lot of them rarely make items for hunts,
       so this is a chance to get something totally exclusive.
    * Because you CAN!

Please be aware there will be NO NORMAL HAIRS! I REPEAT NO NORMAL HAIRS!
The designers are free to make something that stands out!
Colourful/bizarre show stopping numbers!
They might stick some garbage in it, throw in a rocket launcher, or give it teeth – you get the idea!
We let their  imaginations run riot!

THIS HUNTS THEME IS MOSTER HAIR! See what our fabulous designers think of this time!

THE DESIGNERS in this hunt are all hand picked by INVITATION ONLY. Sorry but I have to maintain the quality/weirdness/creativity of the hairs and trust all to do so.You may suggest a designer, Or even apply to me yourself but you must have a shop and have been in secondlife 6 months minimum.
 If you feel you should be included, send Treebee Withnail a notecard request with your name and she will contact you with the designer rules and specifications.
This is to protect all you REAL designers! No Copybotted or rip off resellers allowed! If you dont make it yourself then dont apply as all work will be inspected!
There will be a selection of Male/female/unisex hair  in the hunt.
SO men you can join in too!

The hunt will be officially blogged by Whisper Stella, the ONLY CAHH official blogger . Her blog will be the place to see all the hairs in the hunt and also tell you what stores the hairs are in!

All hunt items will be hidden 20 metres from the landing points and IN PLAIN VIEW ( meaning not under floors or in walls! But behind things or under/on top of things is fine!) so it will be fun but not impossible to find.You will be hunting for a slightly smaller version of the gummi bear attached to poster!

There is no hunt  group to join for advice or help as we are convinced such a group is unnecessary.
Hairs WILL be blogged, a few days before the hunt, as a teaser,by a few trusted bloggers only.
The hunt will have a MAXIMUM of 60 places to visit.
We want it fun, drama free and something to enjoy for all!

Helpers:   Treebee Withnail – Original hunt idea /poster artwork /mad bitch in charge! Please send notecard if                         you wish to be considered as a designer!
                  Helena Stringer – Ideas, wording and being amazingly useful!
                  Ameshin Yossarian – Japanese translation/Japanese liaison and goddess!
                  Teagan Blackthorne – Ideas, help and Savoir hair blogger!
                  Shangreloo Kuhn – Fashion blogger and lover of the strange!
                  Laynie Link – Being Laynie and Savoir hair blogger!
                  Booperkit Mosely – Adding funk!
                  Whisper Stella, the ONLY CAHH official blogger




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