Post Apocalyptic Mutants Hunt – P.A.M Hunt

28 09 2010

Post Apocalyptic Mutants Hunt – P.A.M Hunt

Presented by:
NebuchadNezzar – NDN – Industrial Cybergoth Gear and
Beauty Killer

Organized by: trilochankaur Rehula and KEVINN Draconia


Starts november21th

Ends december21th






more info :

NEW@ NDN : Incubbus Sculpted Corsets

26 09 2010

NDN has just released a great line of Highly Detailed Sculpted Latex Corsets, wich comes in 2 styles (Zipper and Buckles) and 5 colors of choice , plus 3 extra colors on pack in price of just five!


 In order to fit the corsets into your shape, you MUST HAVE a modify version of your body shape. Otherwise it will look odd in a extreme large hip even if you editing the corset, the sides wont fit good. The hips must be thin. Have fun wearing Incubbus Corsets!

Goodbye Avatars United

26 09 2010

Recently i was trying to access the website “Avatars United” to modify my profile and even talk with some friends and always get a “this action was rejected” message, wich i found strange. Until i´ve received this email from the Second Life team explaining that the website wont exist anymore ….

Saying Farewell to Avatars United
Dear Avatars United Member,
In January of this year, Linden Lab purchased Avatars United for its underlying social technology and to integrate powerful social networking capabilities into the Second Life experience.
Today, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Avatars United and will be taking down the site on September 29, 2010. Over the next week, we encourage you to save any pieces of content (such as pictures, friend’s names, etc.) that you want to keep. We will also soon update you on your AU Coin refund, if you have an account balance.
Over the two and a half years since launching Avatars United, we have welcomed avatars from many virtual worlds and MMOs to connect on our platform as the only social network catering to the needs of virtual identities. We are proud to have served those needs and honored to have shared this journey with you all.
Going forward, pieces of the Avatars United technology will be integrated into the Second Life platform to support a richer, and more dynamic, community experience. Read more about these efforts on the Second Life blog.
Thank you for being a member of the Avatars United community, and part of the Second Life family.


The Avatars United/Second Life Team


Well it was fun to be part of that website as a member but if they decided to do that , it´s their decision. So farewell Avatars United….

Prize for Picks @ NebuchadNezzar !

25 09 2010

Howdy Glowstickers,

It´s now open a board with prizes to get at our mainstore!

What you have to do is to keep us at your profile picks, and then you will be able to get different prizes very often! I will be changing the prize boards often, so expect to get few nice stuff here soon… Tell your friends and get them all here and start collecting great goodies! This week prize for picks goodies:

One hair of the 3 hairstyles coming from Hair Fair 2010 we´ve just participated 🙂 Have fun Wastelands/152/107/24

NebuchadNezzar got a new Web address!

16 09 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

After a few months working on a project to implement the Second Life store website, we present you the stores New web address –   ! Here you will see the last and new releases in catalogue, also news from us and other random infos we will put as important. And now with a Featured video section, wich is commanded by my mate Luigi.

But i wont forget to keep posting here, as i want to synch both blogs!

Hope you fans enjoy it. 🙂

Hair Fair 2010: Hair Fair Booths SLURLS

4 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010


These are the Current SLURLS for the Designer´s booth at this year:

Hair Fair sim 1
ball1Ava – Tare
ball1Beetle Bones
ball1Bliss Coutoure
ball1Calico Ingmann
ball1Caly’s Creations
ball1Clawtooth by Clawtooth
ball1Curious Kitties
ball1Damsel Fly
ball1Gumi’s Bad Box
ball1GuRL 6
ball1Hairstyles by Tami McCoy
ball1Jester J’s
ball1LaLa Moon
ball1Lazy Places
ball1Rosy Mood
ball1Splendide U
ball1The Stringer Mausoleum

Hair Fair sim 2
ball1Berries Inc
ball1Bliensen + MaiTai
ball1Frou Frou
ball1Here Comes Trouble
ball1House of Munster
ball1IC Hair
ball1Ivanka Akina
ball1JE Republic
ball1Rock Candy
ball1Simply Britnee
ball1Tea Lane
ball1The Obscene
ball1The Strand
ball1Tiny Bird

Hair Fair sim 3
ball1Adam n Eve
ball1aDORKable (poses only – no hair by this designer)
ball1Belle & Sebastian
ball1BiZZaRRe Hair
ball1DarkSide Creations
ball1Fashionably Dead
ball1Fiction & Chaos
ball1Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
ball1Groovy Girl Designs
ball1Hair Solutions
ball1Mina Hair
ball1Nikita Fride
ball1Orchid Dreams
ball1Sparkle Skye Designs
ball1Sweet Hair
ball1Wasabi Pills

Hair Fair sim 4
ball1Discord Designs
ball1Hair Oh
ball1Iconic Couture
ball1L + N Signature
ball1Milestone Creations
ball1Raspberry Aristocrat
ball1RezIpsa Loc
ball1Sand Shack Surf Co
ball1SkyShop Hair Resort
ball1The u-neek
ball1Tukinowaguma HairStyle
ball1Uncle Web Studios
ball1Vanity Hair
ball1Waka & Yuki

May be subject of changing but it´s something for you to start with!

Hair Fair 2010: the DEMO HAIR Group

4 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

As I have mentioned on the other post, the Fair is about to start in a few hours. It´s been said officially by the Hair Fair Comitee that the Event will start about 10 am SLT (Second Life time, please check with your local hour).

But I know, the other creators know and even the Organizers know that you all must be anxious to see at least the Hair Demos that are avaiable on this fair… So to please you all guests, the comittee has created a separated group only for that. It´s called Hair Fair Demo Group , and we have already send out notices with the Demo pack attached, so you can start to preview what we all got for good.

As again, i will be posting soon as the event opens the landmark for you people.
Have fun with tons of DEMOS!

Hair Fair 2010: NebuchadNezzar – NDN`S Hair Goodies

3 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

As Hair Fair 2010 is about to start Officially in a few Hours, i decided to post about the Hair Goodies that i will be giving out at the Event.

As you all know i am a still fan of Olf style Vintage, Psychobilly and Rockabilly culture, I have chosen 2 styles of hair, of course, for both of you, guys and girls. At this time i´ve put on the Bag of Goodies two “Vintage, Psychobilly,Rockabilly” hair styles. The girls one are called “Minnie” and the boys one are called “Psycho haircut”.

You will find them together with our store landmark on a Biohazard Sculpted Logomark near the Hair vendors. The bag of goodies is set up to only 1L !

See you in the fair ! 🙂

Hair Fair 2010: Hair Goodies (Psychobilly Style)

PS: When the fair starts i will be posting the hair fair landmark so you can´t miss it!

Hair Fair 2010: Join the Hero Squad!

1 09 2010

It´s about to start the most beneficent Annual Event in Second Life: Hair Fair 2010, wich is sponsored by the “Fashionable Secre Admirer” and the Chosen Charity is “Wigs for Kids”.

I´ve heard that the responsables of the Charity will be present online at this fair, so i am happy that such of group of volunteers, helpers and everyone that is involved with this event will be together with us.

We from NebuchadNezzar – NDN will be acting like “heroes” ! Join our hero squad and help with the purchase of one of our Hair styles, and the funds will be donated for the Chosen Charity.

We have released 3 styles of Hair, so boys and girls can enjoy them and at same time helping one or more children.

The event starts at september 4 and goes until september 19. I will be posting the Landmark for the fair soon. There will be 4 sims full of great hair designers and creativity. And i am pretty happy to be part of this fair by the second time!

See you there!