Quitting a Job with Style

2 05 2009

Hello all!


Seems that we are in the New Era for everything. Some people got plenty of creativity to everything you can imagine, including quitting a job, like Jarrad Farbs, from 2k Games Australia did. He is the developer of some most interesting browser games like ROM CHECK FAIL, FISHIE FISHIE and  POLYCHROMATIC Funk Monkey . Farbs was even envolved on the development of Bioshock, a first-person shooting game for Xbox and Pc Platform.

Following Mario through an above-ground and sublevel and into one of Farb’s own retrofunky titles, he gets to scream “I QUIT” several times more than the average office person ever has in their lifetime. We could have used a few more levels, but it’s the best gameplay we’ve ever found in a farewell note. Then he leaves us with a touch of sentimentality, claiming that “his princess is in another castle.”

Next time when i feel like to quit my job i should do something like that. Hm, i should learn with him first.

Here is the live demonstration of this Game wich shows up his feelings thru messages during the small game – http://www.farbs.org/Message.html