Become the Scissorz!

6 04 2009

Inspired on the Tim Burton´s Character, Edward Scissorhands, we brought up for all the Tim Burton Lovers this beautiful masterpiece, to live and become a scissorz. Here you can feel what is like to be a unfinished creation of a great Inventor.

This outfit is a complete avatar, everything you see on the picture is included on the pack. (All the items are NO TRANSFER)

Pack included:

Pale Skin
Scissor Hands
Animation Override (2 stands, 1 walk animation)

NDN - The Scissorz


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New NDN Release – Bright Galaxy Dress (Gothic Lolita)

16 02 2009

NDN - Bright Galaxy Dress
A Gothic Lolita style, bring a little touch of cyber lolita for your party.

It has two kind of dresses: In white or black version. The pack comes:

– Corset
– Shorts
– Prim Skirt
– Sculpted Collar with tie

Sculpted prim item resizeable by menu.

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