Cybergoths & Facemasks: The personal truly identity meaning

10 07 2009

Beloved Red CybergothFacemasks, Respirators, Gasmasks. This is one of the most identity of Cybergoths. Some people ask me and wonders : Why do Cybergoths have this fetish?

Well, I explain in my own words: This is basically a way to show some kind of protest of the world enviroment pollution that is destroying the planet. We are preparing ourselves for the Apocalipse. We could expect anything. Like do punks show they protest against politics with they music lyrics, for example, but we do it in our way. We like to dress a little bit with Post- apocalipt thingies, to remember that the Human being is destroying their own home. But also some cybergoths uses this for some kind of personal fetish, some facemasks comes really decorated, and for the fun. You can find it in PVC material, leather, fabrics, and also some cybergoths loves to use medical facemasks to remember the psycho horror side of the Medicine.

Well, grab your facemask and go clubbing!

Thanks for the Compliments & Reviews from the Men Over Hunt Hunters!

17 06 2009

Howdy Spookykids,

I´m very happy from the result of the hunt that is still happening on the grid, (until 30th), the feedback from the visitors, customers and appreciators of my work, with notecards and blog posts, as i felt to inclined i want to thank you guys posting your blogs here and show you all that we creators/designers read everything you post about us 😀

Here i could find few posts of reviews from our Prize, Infantry Male, our @129 Prize:

And if you have blogged about us or our prize, please answer us back in here!


A strange request while i was shopping…

1 04 2009

OK, so I had the strangest experience yesterday.

I was in the grocery store just minding my own business. Out of nowhere, this guy comes up to me and just starts staring at me and looking at me. He looked a bit like he had just seen a ghost or something.

So I asked him, “Do I know you or something? Why are you staring at me?”

He shakes his head and apologizes and almost started to cry. I was really freaked out.

He explained to me that I looked just like his sdaughter on that was killed in an accident. He had always wished that he could just have a few more moments with her. I was in a bit of a hurry, but I didn’t want to be totally rude.

So I let him keep talking to me as I walked around the store. He told me his entire story. (I kinda feel bad for saying this, but I kept thinking, ‘Is he ever going to shut up?’) I don’t really want to get into the details of his story here because it isn’t for me to tell, but, having lost people close to me before, I really did relate.

Well, we walked and talked as both of us shopped. I really felt like I was doing a good deed by letting him pour his heart out to me.

You know how you can tell when someone has something they want to ask you, but they really aren’t sure if they should. Well this guy started kinda acting like that. Being the nice person I am I asked him what as wrong.

He said he had a HUGE favor to ask, but if I said no it would be understandable. He said it was really an odd request. I was a bit uneasy thinking about what it could be, but I told him to tell me anyway.

He just wanted me to say goodbye like I was his daughter. He though maybe it would give him some closure.

Reluctantly, I agreed. He checked out ahead of me in line and as he was walking away, he started to tear up and said, “Goodbye, Daughter” to which I replied, “Goodbye, Dad” and he left.

I was actually relieved that is was over. I set the couple of things up there and the cashier rang them up and said that my total was $327!

WHAT! I flipped out on the poor girl and called her some names I’m not proud of. She said that my dad told her that I was going to pay for his groceries with mine.

I went running out the store and caught the guy as he was getting into his car. I tackled him full force. As he was trying to run away from me, I was pulling his leg, just like I am yours now……April Fool’s!

My Second Life’s Noobie Misconseptions

11 12 2008
Rehula's First days on Sl - My Misconceptions of how SL works

Rehula's First days on Sl - My Misconceptions of how SL works

I still can remember my First Rezz day on Second Life (July/07). I have heard about this wonderful metaverse in a TV journal. All they were saying about the future of meeting people around the world, the new technology to join internet chat with interaction. That thing turn me interested to see more about it. I was and still am a little bit addicted to Technologic Stuff, 3d enviroment, creation tools, gaming and texturing, putting my ideas to be real not just in papers. Then i gave my first try typing the second life’s official site to see what was this thing about. Then i hit download and wait few minutes to start my journey. I have created my avatar’s account ( wich i have chosen my name in some special case on that time, i really respect and love indian culture, so that’s why i have chosen trilochankaur…) then i had to choose a made up last name… hum…. well… there were lots of funny lastnames just waiting you to choose and make yourself sound different, hehe. Well, i got the most simple and less odd one that i found on Linden’s made up names, and i still think they should let us make our own lastnames, or at least not invent so much of weirdos surnames out there. Ok, so I am a new Rehula out there.

Well, okay,  i was too anscious and curious to enter and see what the metaverse waits for me… Well, after logged in, i appeared in some kind of Orientation Island, wich one i don’t remember anymore. I was kinda confused, i all see was myself and lots of others all gray. Well, in this point i wasn’t much worried. I didn’t know i could sort it at anytime but I was so concentrated to see what has around that I really didn’t mind. I found few other avatar wich they called theirselves as Mentors, they gave me guides (few i could remember, i really had to find myself how to use this thing) then i started exploring around ….

Well, now starting my Misconceptions of How SL worked on all that time.

– I think i have stayed on this Orientation Island for 2 or 3 weeks stucked, I really didn’t have any idea to how visit other places indeed. I never heard of the word “Teleport” before in that case.

– When i see things on the walls like shirts, pants, to take, i was like “How to get those pretty things to wear?” And i had tried in lots of manners but i never just clicked on it to open a window and “copy to inventory”. Never passed on my mind, lmao.

Days have passed. I finally discovered, thanks to a kindly new resident wich gave me that tip, i could see that I could find places on the SEARCH button.

– Everytime that i wanted to change clothes i tried to hide myself on a empty spot and then change. I never had the idea that I could just simply click another outfit on my inventory and it automatically changes without geting naked.. lol …

– I didn’t know that when i had to wear prim hairs i had to wear the BALD hair base ( I just simply used prim hairs with the standard noobie hair together, it really looked like a mess lmao).

– On my first product purchases with Lindens, I got few boxes (wich was supposed to open it), and I got myself WTF, what i will do with a box and a picture? LOL. I took one month to realize that i had to rezz on the floor, stupid me.

– I thought that Sandboxes was a place that I could live inside of it. I used to rezz houses that i got on freebies places and play like i own a mansion (And then after 30 minutes, it autoreturned to my inventory)

– Everytime i rezzed things like house, cars, etc on those lands that allows add objects, i was amazed. I spend hours doing things and suddenly all that stuff disappears in front of me and i got scared of what’s going on, then a guy tells me “hey, this place have autoreturn… all ur stuff u rezz it will back to you in minutes” and i was “Ahhh… okay”

– All i hear everywhere was “Prims, prims prims here, prims there, etc” I was really confused of who was this famous guy that everbody talks all the time?

– My first attempt to rent a house. – Zero skills of building, i didn’t have idea how to furnish the little apartment i rented. I spent hours studying a way to put up my first table and bed.

– I had no idea that people could see me thru the walls. I remember one of my old neighbors havent stop laughing with those cracky gestures. It just happened that when I was changing clothes and i was of course naked on my apartment thinking that i was completely safe of perverts but i was wrong.

– By the way, when i always log off i tried to shut it down in some empty places, because i thought my avatar could be still there standing up and someone could piss off  my poor little avie.

– My first attempt of getting employed in a Club – I had to fill up a notecard for a dance club (tell me, who NEVER got as first job dancing on a club for miserable tips?) then they asked for a picture to add on this notecard. Okay, i wasnt that expert, but at that time, how could I know how to add a picture inside this notecard? Oh yea, i got very embarassed iming the Club Owner and say “I don’t know how to add picture at this notecard, I am sorry…” then after few months i realized that i could do that just Simply dragging it from the inventory… lmao.

– Experimenting new skins – My first attempt to buy new skins, i have tried few demos that i got around there. Well, okay, i saw it, liked a few and others not, but when i tried to remove the skin i was wearing i just simply can’t! lol couldn’t remove the skin, and that time i got frustrated because i didn’t want to walk around the places with DEMO written at my forehead and all over my body… lmao…

– Attempts to attach EVERYTHING on my body… boxes, packages, everything that wasn’t supposed to attach. lol

– Getting naked in public by accident, lol yea who hasn’t passed by it before… even for a little thing.

– When try build something, didn’t have idea that i could link all those prims together…

– Took me lots of months to discover the option “Select only my objects” . I really hated when i tried to select my stuff i selected together all the other millions of prims around that wasn’t mine.

– Took me few days to figure out how to take a picture on Second life…

Well, there are few stuff that i still can remember of my most embarrassing days of SL… I hope you had few laughs…