We´ve Got a Forum!

23 01 2011

YEAHHHH!!! That´s right! Finally ive built a forum that can be used with our friends and fans to speak about anything that comes in mind… come join and help us improve the forum with your own news and things..! Don´t mind the messy place but we´re still on construction…. 🙂


Goodbye Avatars United

26 09 2010

Recently i was trying to access the website “Avatars United” to modify my profile and even talk with some friends and always get a “this action was rejected” message, wich i found strange. Until i´ve received this email from the Second Life team explaining that the website wont exist anymore ….

Saying Farewell to Avatars United
Dear Avatars United Member,
In January of this year, Linden Lab purchased Avatars United for its underlying social technology and to integrate powerful social networking capabilities into the Second Life experience.
Today, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Avatars United and will be taking down the site on September 29, 2010. Over the next week, we encourage you to save any pieces of content (such as pictures, friend’s names, etc.) that you want to keep. We will also soon update you on your AU Coin refund, if you have an account balance.
Over the two and a half years since launching Avatars United, we have welcomed avatars from many virtual worlds and MMOs to connect on our platform as the only social network catering to the needs of virtual identities. We are proud to have served those needs and honored to have shared this journey with you all.
Going forward, pieces of the Avatars United technology will be integrated into the Second Life platform to support a richer, and more dynamic, community experience. Read more about these efforts on the Second Life blog.
Thank you for being a member of the Avatars United community, and part of the Second Life family.


The Avatars United/Second Life Team


Well it was fun to be part of that website as a member but if they decided to do that , it´s their decision. So farewell Avatars United….

NebuchadNezzar got a new Web address!

16 09 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

After a few months working on a project to implement the Second Life store website, we present you the stores New web address – http://nebuchadnezzarclothing.net/   ! Here you will see the last and new releases in catalogue, also news from us and other random infos we will put as important. And now with a Featured video section, wich is commanded by my mate Luigi.

But i wont forget to keep posting here, as i want to synch both blogs!

Hope you fans enjoy it. 🙂

The Kubrick Rooms: Rememberance of the Greatest Movie Director

2 02 2010

Even that S.K is still in our memories until today with his polemic films, Second Life Residents brought the short version of all the movies that Kubrick directed, into small Rooms. You will see since from Clockwork Orange to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It´s a place of worth visiting for those who are true Stanley Kubrick Fans.



NDN Wish you all a Merry xmas and a great 2010!

24 12 2009

We wish you all a great holidays with lots of gifts and happiness to you and your family, and let´s make 2010 much more even better that was 2009!

Rehula and NDN Family

Cool video made by a fan!

11 07 2009


This is a cool video made by some russian fan for the NDN tribute – i found it googling around, thanks for it! Wish i could know who made that! =]

Cybergoths & Facemasks: The personal truly identity meaning

10 07 2009

Beloved Red CybergothFacemasks, Respirators, Gasmasks. This is one of the most identity of Cybergoths. Some people ask me and wonders : Why do Cybergoths have this fetish?

Well, I explain in my own words: This is basically a way to show some kind of protest of the world enviroment pollution that is destroying the planet. We are preparing ourselves for the Apocalipse. We could expect anything. Like do punks show they protest against politics with they music lyrics, for example, but we do it in our way. We like to dress a little bit with Post- apocalipt thingies, to remember that the Human being is destroying their own home. But also some cybergoths uses this for some kind of personal fetish, some facemasks comes really decorated, and for the fun. You can find it in PVC material, leather, fabrics, and also some cybergoths loves to use medical facemasks to remember the psycho horror side of the Medicine.

Well, grab your facemask and go clubbing!

NO H8 Campaign on Second Life

22 06 2009

NO H8. By Trilochankaur Rehula
On November 4th, 2008 Proposition 8 passed, amending the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

In the wake of the defeat, there has been a groundswell of initiative from within the community at grassroots level. Seizing this opportunity, new political and protest organizatitions are forming almost daily. The NOH8 Campaign is a photo project & silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct reponse to the passage of Proposition 8.

The campaign started with portraits of everyday Californians who support Marriage Equality and soon rose to celebrities, military personnel, brothers & sisters, law enforcement, lesbian mothers, directors, politicians, newlyweds, and more, Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths symbolizing their voices not being heard and NOH8 painted on one cheek in protest. ”

from the NO H8 campaign website, www.noh8campaign.com


Tips for New Buyers

3 06 2009

Howdy Spooky Kids,

We all were new someday in SL. Also beside even explore places at first time, we got our first shopping once, even if it was a freebie.

When you somehow get lindens, your next step is to spent them in some interesting item you find around the metaverse. After you get your most wanted stuff, some stuff may happen (not that i am saying that this will happen), in some cases, some item may have some glitch or you need help to set up them, and you don´t know how. Well, as a worried customer, you want to contact the creator somehow to make him/her help you out with this. Some IMs the creator or sends NOTECARDS to them, but unfortunally, in most cases, with incomplete information on the title notecards, as some of the merchants have a HUGE mass of messages in a day, the messages may be capped because of some reasons:

– Merchants also participates in Groups. Hunts/Malls/Fashion, etc groups generate notices. They can disable it but it´s not an obligation, if they desire to have the news from the other people. Notices is stated as like normal IMs , resulting the mass capped message that will be on the creator´s box.

– Greeters that send green texts to the owner –  (AKA traffic stats bots) wich send to the merchant´s mailbox a list of people who have recently visited his place, in every minute. This mass message may up ending capped messages too.

– Worried Customers trying to contact the Merchant: People stay calm. The most secure way to contact the merchant is only sending them a notecard. Instant mass IMs may up not appearing at his viewer and some cases doesn´t even go to the mailbox. Don´t blame us if you just send Instant messages and end up not getting any response. It´s not that we are avoiding it, it´s just really we don´t receive AT ALL.

About Sending a CORRECT NOTECARD to be visualized by the merchant:

– Try always to add your issue on the TITLE LINE. If possible with your avatar name, to rapidly contact you. Most of “New Note” notecards end up confusing us and not having the properly priority. When we see it´s a serious issue we try to get online soon as possible, if not we just wait for the time we get able to connect. And some people doesn´t even read because they might think it´s mall invitation notes.

– If you can´t find the item you bought: Try always to use the INVENTORY SEARCH form on the Inventory window. Look up for the name of the item you bought, and if it was recent, you can look up on the “Recent Items” tab.

– Some people are lazy to create their own notecard and rewrite inside of other avatar´s notecard and send it to the merchant anyway, with no title or identification. and may end up we getting contact with the wrong person. That´s why we ask for your SL name on the NC title.

-If you are looking for simple scripts, you may have a look on the Official Second Life Forums or SL wiki, you may up finding them for free instead of paying much for an item that you can get for free.

– When navigate on the Xtreet website, if you had any issue with online purchase, try always contact support first than send rude messages to the merchant blaming them because of the miss delivery. Most of time miss deliveries are caused of some lag in Xtreet – Xtreet Magic box communication. How to contact support – https://www.xstreetsl.com/support.php

– Be Respectful no matter what the situation is. As we aren´t on face to face, we always want the best for our customers, don´t assume the worst happened, give the merchant one or two days to contact you back before you get on nervous. As you may know, we all do have a Real life and sometimes things may gets us in surprises.

There are some few tips to have a hapilly and safely shopping in sl, in world or online, trying to following them you may get the things sorted out very easily with no  confusion at the end. I am sure lots of merchants wants to express everything like it´s written here but in our profiles we don´t have much space for it, so don´t think when we say “send your issues by notecard” or something like that, we don´t want to be rude or arrogant. We want to help you, just help us too to reach you in the easy way.

That´s all for now!

A little about the Second Life Cybergoths

14 03 2009
Second Life Cybergoths

An Example of Second Life Cybergoths - On the Pic : Rehula & Scorbal

Howdy Residents, Glowstickers, EBmers, Darkwavers, whatever.


Let me tell a bit about the Cybergoth Subculture that comes from Real Life for the Virtual Life.

Not bit different from the Real Life ones, Cybergoths can be found in any club around the Metaverse. Colored Dread Falls, Uv Glowing Cyberlox Tubes, Extremaly differencial clothes, Cybergoths are growing each more in here. For more than a year i live inside the Second Life, never seen so many number of new players wich likes this subcultures as music as well, in there. When i started being a truly player on this metaverse, i could barely hear this word “Cyber Culture” anywhere. Just few shops starting selling few items with this theme, one club wich we could find Any Dj playing greatest musics (The Old Commando Kitty Mall).

What do they like to do here, is to meet others in common and share music taste. Some are real life Djs, wich do work in clubs, they show their music work on the game and most of the people like the results = good for the artist and good for us, more people joining it. And of course, we can meet few Darkwavers, wich are very welcome by the way.

As a huge fan of this scene, was my obligation to bring more to the Second Life our Real life madness, the way of dressing and motivation to keep this community growing up like they should be.

For like almost one year and a half, have made lots of great friends, have met lots of new music artists wich i do follow their music until today, and more, finally i can see that the “Cyber Culture” is being talked everywhere around the Grid.

On our club, we can see lot of same interest people, the way they dress and act like they were in a Real Life club. It is possible to make those groove dances that we do in clubs in there. Sometimes we like to play “wich make the best moves’ sometimes, hehe

So if you really really like and are into this subculture as the others relate to Cybergoth, and want to join this virtual world wich is a great way to meet new friends and artists, try out joining Second Life today!