Luigi Sinister


Luigi Sinister


“In a dark time, the eye begins to see” – Theodore Roethke

 Second life Rezzday: October 04th, 2007
Second life name: Luigi Sinister
Inside NDN: Official NDN Model, Hair and Accessories designer
Favorite Musical Groups:  :wumpscut:, FGFC820,  Amduscia, Dolls of Pain, avoid kharma, Uberbyte, Container 90, terrorfrequenz,   Cesium_137, AGAPESIS, Psyborg Corp, Suicide Commando, Terrorfakt, Cyborg Attack, Hocico, Extize, Informatik and few others

A Brief Story: Joined in first purpose of having fun and meet people that enjoys listen to Industrial, EBM tunes. Then met this insane person wich after all is the best friend until today in Second Life – Rehula. With a bit of his building skills, he decided to try out and help is friend with her projects, building up a few things and then they decided that working together would fit nicely. He got strange design tastes and her a cyberish touch, NDN started grow up fast, until get this huge fame  inside the metaverse. A project that worked? Totally.

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