NDN Store Policies – Updated on 19/03/2010

Nebuchadnezzar – NDN – Industrial Cyber Goth Gear
Stores Policies – Updated on 19/03/2010

Read me carefully before contact Onwer!

– All items I sell on my store are NO TRANSFER items. That means: – You wil have the ability to copy the items for a security reasons, modify them (some comes with resizeable scripts), but not transferable to anyone. The items is only reserved to you, the buyer.

– WE DON´T REFUND those items. Read it clearly – THEY ARE NO TRANSFERABLE – so you can´t give me back the item you purchase to refund you. Sorry but there are no deals about half refunding or anything at this nature, also please, if you come IM me saying you bought the item by mistake (wich is impossible on my opinion, you will have to confirm before buy anything on my store), i won´t even listen to it. Any attempt to try get a refund and the PRODUCT itself wont work with me. Also any problems regarding to SL and XTREETSL about missing products it´s not my fault, i don´t control what SL do about it, but if you miss a product and have purchased for it, read it below.

– We only will REFUND in case if you bought twice the SAME product, wich you will give me your transaction INFO of both PURCHASES before I do it (if you don´t know how to check your transactions, login at this SL website -https://secure-web2.secondlife.com/account/transactions.php?lang=en    and copy both of ur transactions)

– If you bought an item and the item hasnt come for you by Slexchange or even in world (due SL bork problems) send notecard to me with your transaction of that purchase and i will provide you your item.

– At now hairs are sold separately from Packs.  You can buy just one or more than one or even the whole pack.

– I don´t have Persons wich work as “store vendors” on my store. The Staff are only provided by 5 people wich are Luigi Sinister, Adelfried Scorbal, Trilochankaur Rehula, and Mewichigo Rotaru. Any else wich isnt on this list isn´t my staff so don´t attempt to listen them if they try to harras you!

– I do custom work but depending of your custom tastes. Send notecard to trilochankaur rehula to talk about it.

– I do answer ALL NOTECARDS sent to me. Please if you have any problems doubts even suggestions write in notecard and with the title the subject you want and send it to me. As i get my IM capped most everyday i might wont read your IM if you do so. So for more safety, send it by notecard.

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2 01 2010

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