Cybergoth Mesh Facemask!

13 09 2012


Textures can change by clicking on the facemask. As the item is a mesh object, you must have a enabled mesh viewer .


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100% Mesh Catsuit for Females!

10 09 2012


The Biotech mesh catsuit, with a full body alpha layer, textures can change by clicking on the catsuit, it will appears the settings option, to make it changeable by public or by the owner, and the texture button, with few different colors with different stamps (6 colors in total and 4 different stamps).

The catsuit has the natural viewing of latex shininess, created by the own sl viewer ( you must have at least the graph preferences set by low or greater).

You can glow the catsuit by chat command.

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NDN – Cybergoth Neck Corsets Release!

2 08 2011

Howdy Spookykids,

after a long break from SL because of some personal issues, i´ve returned with some news for my customers and fans…

At now i´ve relocated the store here – wich you could listen to live industrial music with Djs from Acidic Club while you shop with us!

And of course, a small release after months off …

Cybergoth Neck Corsets


Fully High detailed Sculpted neck corsets with two styles (ring and non ring) with 5 colors of choice included, fully modify!

To fit with your latex and vinyl cybergoth clothes and stuff!

NDN - Cybergoth Neck Corsets

We´ve Got a Forum!

23 01 2011

YEAHHHH!!! That´s right! Finally ive built a forum that can be used with our friends and fans to speak about anything that comes in mind… come join and help us improve the forum with your own news and things..! Don´t mind the messy place but we´re still on construction…. 🙂

Shame shame for a little fame?

31 12 2010

Since i can´t find ways to contat the administrators from the website – , wich i find a shameful to not contact me before the usage of the unathourized images of my artwork, well i have to post it here since then….

This is a copyrighted artwork, wich means, if it wasnt about you guys  crop off the logo of my store and use it with your “own” logo, i would have kudoz o your website, but that´s callead STEALING.  but unfortunally i am well sad to not at least have been contacted by you guys before you do that. what a shame.

Btw wish you all fans a great 2011!

Post Apocalyptic Mutants Hunt has Begun! Check some of the hints given here!

21 11 2010

The hunt has begun! Check some of the hints gave by the store owners here:

The Hunt starts at NebuchadNezzar Mainstore –

1 – NebuchadNezzar – Look out for the Biohazard!

2 – Beauty Killer – These girls are purple and glowy, one of them is holding the special item

3 – Partners of Crime Gesture – No hint given

4 – Not in the hunt, please skip to the next store SLURL -

5 – Grim Bros – look under the restart prophecy

6 – Sinister Designs – No response yet, skip for the next store SLURL –

7 – Not in the Hunt, please skip to the next store SLURL –

8 – Absent Designs – no hint given

9 – AIDORU – hey! whassup, what’s new?

10 – Razorblade Jacket – Hint: I see Pink Lights

11 – RetoX – No hint given

12 – Cortes N Rossini – No hint given

13 – Clous 9.1 – Hunting through fire and brimstone can make you thirsty…

14 – BedlaM – you don’t need a Posse to find the gift, but it helps

15 – Dark Vission – under the sea, under the sea;darling its better, down where its wetter;take it from me

16 – COGOO – Jump in the swamp! You’re almost there^^

17 – Junk Food – where all the cool kids hang out

18 – Love Zombie – Hey Dollie have you had Too Much Sugar?

19 – Props N Poses – Ask the snowman where its at; if he doesn’t tell you, knock his hat off.

20 – Empathy – Where plants swirl about the room ; Is the place to await your doom

21 – VIRUS – has many eyes and can see things underground

22 – Limehouse – Look for the green gift box…oh but which one?

23 – Glam Trash – No response, please skip to the next store SLURL –

24 – REPULSE – No hint given

25 – OFFICINA DMD – No hint given

26 – A n S visions –No hint given

27 – Ema´s – Everyone claps for you when you enter the room.

28 – Yellow Jester – no hint given

You will hunt for this item at PAM Hunt!

19 11 2010

Hello Hunters!

What you will look for at this hunt is this green glowy Radioactive object! Be on eyes on the hint that will be posted soon on the blog, and want to remind again, the hunt starts at this Sunday! (november 21th)

Happy Hunting!

The Hunt starts at NebuchadNezzar Mainstore –