The Mesh Cyberlox and Cyber Industrial Mask Top Releases!

25 07 2013


Howdy Glowstickers!

This is the new two releases for today : The Mesh Cyberlox Hair Extensions and Cyber Industrial Mask Top!

The Mesh Cyberlox  pack is the first rigged mesh cyberlox extensions from NDN, with 8 colors included on pack, and a free bonus for you! Juku Goggles pack inside on the box!

And the Cyber Industrial Mask Top is great for clubbing at industrial, aggrotech, ebm music sets. 6 colors included on pack.

Get yours today!

Cybergoths & Facemasks: The personal truly identity meaning

10 07 2009

Beloved Red CybergothFacemasks, Respirators, Gasmasks. This is one of the most identity of Cybergoths. Some people ask me and wonders : Why do Cybergoths have this fetish?

Well, I explain in my own words: This is basically a way to show some kind of protest of the world enviroment pollution that is destroying the planet. We are preparing ourselves for the Apocalipse. We could expect anything. Like do punks show they protest against politics with they music lyrics, for example, but we do it in our way. We like to dress a little bit with Post- apocalipt thingies, to remember that the Human being is destroying their own home. But also some cybergoths uses this for some kind of personal fetish, some facemasks comes really decorated, and for the fun. You can find it in PVC material, leather, fabrics, and also some cybergoths loves to use medical facemasks to remember the psycho horror side of the Medicine.

Well, grab your facemask and go clubbing!

NebuchadNezzar : New Release @ Hair Fair 09 #3

16 06 2009

NDN - The Revenants Hair Falls


The Revenants Hair Falls:

Dark ravers out there, if you are looking a different style of dreadfalls, it will suits for you. Can be suit for guys too.



Demo will be avaliable at XTREET until the Fair Starts – So you can get the full version at June 20th in Hair Fair Exposition.

Get the chance to win one of NDN hair!

27 05 2009

Come right now at our sim, and find our new NDN camping spots around there, for a chance to get one of our valuables hair. The prize is for boys and girls!

For a limited time – Run before we take it off the road!

If you find any floating gears around our sim, just sit and wait – be sure to read the notecard from the gears before camp!

have fun!

A little about the Second Life Cybergoths

14 03 2009
Second Life Cybergoths

An Example of Second Life Cybergoths - On the Pic : Rehula & Scorbal

Howdy Residents, Glowstickers, EBmers, Darkwavers, whatever.


Let me tell a bit about the Cybergoth Subculture that comes from Real Life for the Virtual Life.

Not bit different from the Real Life ones, Cybergoths can be found in any club around the Metaverse. Colored Dread Falls, Uv Glowing Cyberlox Tubes, Extremaly differencial clothes, Cybergoths are growing each more in here. For more than a year i live inside the Second Life, never seen so many number of new players wich likes this subcultures as music as well, in there. When i started being a truly player on this metaverse, i could barely hear this word “Cyber Culture” anywhere. Just few shops starting selling few items with this theme, one club wich we could find Any Dj playing greatest musics (The Old Commando Kitty Mall).

What do they like to do here, is to meet others in common and share music taste. Some are real life Djs, wich do work in clubs, they show their music work on the game and most of the people like the results = good for the artist and good for us, more people joining it. And of course, we can meet few Darkwavers, wich are very welcome by the way.

As a huge fan of this scene, was my obligation to bring more to the Second Life our Real life madness, the way of dressing and motivation to keep this community growing up like they should be.

For like almost one year and a half, have made lots of great friends, have met lots of new music artists wich i do follow their music until today, and more, finally i can see that the “Cyber Culture” is being talked everywhere around the Grid.

On our club, we can see lot of same interest people, the way they dress and act like they were in a Real Life club. It is possible to make those groove dances that we do in clubs in there. Sometimes we like to play “wich make the best moves’ sometimes, hehe

So if you really really like and are into this subculture as the others relate to Cybergoth, and want to join this virtual world wich is a great way to meet new friends and artists, try out joining Second Life today!

:: Grand Opening of Second Life’s first Cybergoth Club! – Club NDN (Aka NebuchadNezzar)::

15 02 2009

We want to expand the Cybergoth Community more on Second Life now bringing you all in our newest club that is located on Nebuchadnezzar sim.

The grand Opening of Club NDN will happen tomorrow (february 16th at 11 am): with two first hours with our Head DJ and Club Manager Jaime playing some Harsh EBM, Power Noise, Industrial and EBM. There will be some gifts during the event, so you aren’t going to want to miss out!! We hope to see you all here partying with us!

Here is the LM!



Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow Rezzable – Preview Party Today!

18 10 2008

Howdy Spooky People!

I am very excited because starts today the biggest event during 3 weeks at Rezzable Crimson Shadow – The Killer Designers started to put out their great creations and also i´ve put there what I created for this whole show!

NDN - Cyber Destiny Princess (Exclusive Sale At Crimson Shadow Rezzable Sim)
NDN – Cyber Destiny Princess (Exclusive Sale At Crimson Shadow Rezzable Sim)

Full outfit of CYBER DESTINY PRINCESS – A Classic Gown Inspired with Victorian /Cyberistic touches. Keep wondering how a Cybergoth would marry like this, would be glad ;]

The Preview Party Happens today – Oct 18th and it will start between 12-2pm with first music Sets of DJane Bianca Darling. Tomorrow happens the Fashion Show, at 2pm.
Click at this url to teleport there.
Hope you see all  there!

Youre invited to come at Crimson Shadow Event with NDN !

13 10 2008


Fashion Inspired By Crimson Shadow
… a luscious place to die for:
Killer Designers ready for Fashion Spree

After the success of the past two Black Swan events, Rezzable now presents you the Fashion Inspired by Crimson Shadow. A breathtaking sim created by Jimmy Thomson and a wonderful selection of designs by hyasynth Tiramisu, Moxie Polano, Forda Fairlane, Draconic Lioncourt and Alla Ruff have made the sim the ultimate spot to shop, party and explore… As Halloween approaching, we wanted to invite killer designers with an edge on the darkside to impress all who has an eye for creativity and wonderful designs.

The event will take place in Crimson Shadow starting from 19th of October until the 9th of November.

We hope you to get there, NDN will participate at this greatest event, and  we will have lots of events, live Dj spinning the best of Industrial/EBM/Darkwave music, also lots of more.

If you want to know more about the killer designs wich will participate, check the blog:



Hope to see you all there!