Hair Fair 2010: Hair Fair Booths SLURLS

4 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010


These are the Current SLURLS for the Designer´s booth at this year:

Hair Fair sim 1
ball1Ava – Tare
ball1Beetle Bones
ball1Bliss Coutoure
ball1Calico Ingmann
ball1Caly’s Creations
ball1Clawtooth by Clawtooth
ball1Curious Kitties
ball1Damsel Fly
ball1Gumi’s Bad Box
ball1GuRL 6
ball1Hairstyles by Tami McCoy
ball1Jester J’s
ball1LaLa Moon
ball1Lazy Places
ball1Rosy Mood
ball1Splendide U
ball1The Stringer Mausoleum

Hair Fair sim 2
ball1Berries Inc
ball1Bliensen + MaiTai
ball1Frou Frou
ball1Here Comes Trouble
ball1House of Munster
ball1IC Hair
ball1Ivanka Akina
ball1JE Republic
ball1Rock Candy
ball1Simply Britnee
ball1Tea Lane
ball1The Obscene
ball1The Strand
ball1Tiny Bird

Hair Fair sim 3
ball1Adam n Eve
ball1aDORKable (poses only – no hair by this designer)
ball1Belle & Sebastian
ball1BiZZaRRe Hair
ball1DarkSide Creations
ball1Fashionably Dead
ball1Fiction & Chaos
ball1Gwendolyn Cassini Creations
ball1Groovy Girl Designs
ball1Hair Solutions
ball1Mina Hair
ball1Nikita Fride
ball1Orchid Dreams
ball1Sparkle Skye Designs
ball1Sweet Hair
ball1Wasabi Pills

Hair Fair sim 4
ball1Discord Designs
ball1Hair Oh
ball1Iconic Couture
ball1L + N Signature
ball1Milestone Creations
ball1Raspberry Aristocrat
ball1RezIpsa Loc
ball1Sand Shack Surf Co
ball1SkyShop Hair Resort
ball1The u-neek
ball1Tukinowaguma HairStyle
ball1Uncle Web Studios
ball1Vanity Hair
ball1Waka & Yuki

May be subject of changing but it´s something for you to start with!

Hair Fair 2010: the DEMO HAIR Group

4 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

As I have mentioned on the other post, the Fair is about to start in a few hours. It´s been said officially by the Hair Fair Comitee that the Event will start about 10 am SLT (Second Life time, please check with your local hour).

But I know, the other creators know and even the Organizers know that you all must be anxious to see at least the Hair Demos that are avaiable on this fair… So to please you all guests, the comittee has created a separated group only for that. It´s called Hair Fair Demo Group , and we have already send out notices with the Demo pack attached, so you can start to preview what we all got for good.

As again, i will be posting soon as the event opens the landmark for you people.
Have fun with tons of DEMOS!

Hair Fair 2010 : 3 new hair releases from NDN, for a benefit cause !

27 07 2010

Hair Fair 2010 is coming soon.

We are pleased to participate again at this year on the Hair Fair 2010, wich this year the Charity ‘Wigs for Kids” was chosen to be benefited. We will be releasing 3 styles of hair and you can be their heroes! 50% of the sales will go directly for the chosen Charity.

if you want to read more about the Hair Fair 2010 and the chosen charity, please go at this link:

The Event will be starting on September 4 – 19.

We will be posting soon before the event Start an illustration picture of the New NDN Hairstyles. So keep up on this blog or on Official Group inside SL.

^V^Dark Katz Hunt >2< ^V^ – 10/05 to 10/06

4 05 2010

Dark Kats Hunt 2

Dark Kats Hunt 2

Presented by: .::NOSOTR@S::. designs
Organized by: Lolla Denimore
Starts May 10th
Ends June 10th


The hunt is inspired in Neko-grunge and Sweet-neko style and child avatars, furry avatars,demons,vampires and all the creatures of this wonderfull world are welcome to participate in the hunt. This hunt is for everyone in SL who would like to join in!

You will be hunting the sims for a Kat who is shown close to the ^V^DKH >2< ^V^ sign, that one don´t have the prize in it.
The Kat who has the prize in it is hidden inside the store who has the sign in the entrance.

Some things we would like to ask of you if you are planning to participate in this hunt:

☠ Please refrain from contacting designers directly with any issues.  All queries should be directed to Lolla Denimore and her Staff in the form of NOTECARDS ONLY. 

☠Please respect all designers, sims, and stores you are in and also respect other hunters.

☠Please keep your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as you can so as not to lag up the sims.  This means not wearing items of clothing that contain lots of prims because it really slows the hunt down for everybody.

☠Please pick up your boxes yourself, if you want to open your packages on anyones sim.

☠Have fun and bring your friends!

Hunt Links:

 The Starting location for the hunt is:

Alternative Fair is on! Check the Landmarks here!

22 04 2010

Today opens the First Annual Alternative Fair In Second life, featuring lots of cyberwear (NebuchadNezzar – NDN is there!), punk rock, grunge, goth, lolli designers.

  • Alternative Fair at Pulse:
  • Alternative Fair at Sn@tch City:
  • Alternative Fair at Nomine:
  • Alternative Fair at New Kadath:

  • NDN @ Alternative Fair

    17 04 2010


    Alternative Fair 2010

    Alternative Fair 2010

    Coming to the Pulse, Nomine, Snatch City and New Kadath Sims April 22-May 2, the first Annual SL Alternative Fair featuring over 50 designers in Punk, Rock, Gothic, Grunge, Lolli, Visual Kei, Cyberwear and many other styles of Alternative Clothing, Skins, Hair and Accessories. Our goal is to promote all the exciting, extreme and different things the Alternative Design Community has to offer in a funky and fun environment while raising hopefully lots of cash for our chosen charity Nothing But Nets.

    Malaria is preventable, but causes nearly 500 million illnesses each year and kills more than 1 million of those who become infected. Ninety percent of deaths caused by malaria occur in Africa, where the disease is a leading killer of children. Every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria and we CAN do something to stop it. Every 10 dollars USD that we raise buys a bed net for a family and protects them for years. It’s such an important and immediate thing we can do to help save lives and we hope you’ll join us to support Nothing but Nets by shopping at this year’s Alternative Fair.
    World Malaria Day is April 25th and In partnership with the Nothing But Nets Campaign we hope to raise a lot of money for our Charity Team and raise lots of awareness and interest for the often overlooked Alternative Clothing, Accessory, Hair and Skin designers in Second Life.

    This has been a labor of love and many months in the making with the help of many talented designers and we are so excited and really hope you will enjoy the fair, its events, the clothing, donated items and the warm feelings you get from helping such a great cause. Please make any direct donations to Icharities Serendipity or to a Donation Kiosk at the Fair Grounds.

    So come see us at the “Alt Fair” Thusday, April 22-Sunday, May 2, 2010!

    Innapropriate As Always

    Pulse, Snatch City, Nomine & New Kadath

    Crazy Arse Hunt – April 2nd to 30th

    27 03 2010
    Crazy Arse Hunt - April 2nd to 30th

    Crazy Arse Hunt - April 2nd to 30th

    ONCE UPON A TIME, not so long ago, there was a woman with a dream.

    FOREVER FOND OF THE ODD, colorful, interesting and unusual, she wondered why people looked so sad. Was it their perfectly nice and respectable – but muted hairs? Had nice – or even worse – boring hair sucked the spirit out of them?

    THEN LIKE A BLAST, it came to her!
    It wasn’t that they all had to be as one, it was that they had all forgotten how to throw caution to the wind. To be wild and free, to dance to their own tune like no one was watching, sing their own song, be a shepherd and not a sheep. To know they can be anything and not settling for less!
    Perhaps she could help them? Find others who could assist her in showing those restrained by the real world how to let out their inner Vivianne Westwood couture model, outrageous drag queen, ripped and torn punk rocker or squeaky and shiny cybernun? Perhaps they secretly wanted to be a cat/spider/demon or toaster?
    To not be afraid of new ideas and enjoy the madness of creation in all its weird and wonderful forms!

    SO SHE AWOKE and planned to seek out like minds to assist her.

    ACCOMPANIED BY A SEXTET of trusty friends, she set about finding those capable of making brilliantly wild and crazy hair. Only specific makers were asked, because the team had to be sure they were worthy of the challenge ahead.
    They all laughed excitedly and said “Let’s do it”!

    Our dream now becomes reality…

    We bring you THE CRAZY ARSE HAIR HUNT!


    Omega Point, Rotten Toe, Curious Kitties, The U-neek, Nifty Fifty, [LCKY] , Nevermore, Vanity Hair, Tekeli-li, Simone! Designs, BAREROSE, ZsaZsa’s House of Beauty,TTF – THEA TAMURA FASHION, Tea Lane, Darkerside, Booperfunk, Sky Everett Designs, :DNR:, Concrete Flowers, , The Stringer Mausoleum, NebuchadNezzar, Discord Designs, Burning Chrome, Crimson and Clover, SN@TCH, LollipopZ, Eclectism , Nevermind, 3636 ,Chichickie!, :DNR:, Philotic Energy , Flavor!, Nushru,Bizarre Hair, BC322 Skull&Bone, Bizarre Hair, HeLtErSkElTeR, Love Soul ……………………… and more to come!

    WHY do you want to go on a hunt like this?

    * Simple. It’s fun!
    * Models often need to wear unique hairs on the runway of fashion shows.
    * Even if it’s something you normally don’t do, it’s good to have a stock of interesting hair to use if you need it.
    * Your friends will see you in a new light.
    * You will find new and exciting shops you never knew existed.
    * Many of our designers have never made hair, a lot of them rarely make items for hunts,
    so this is a chance to get something totally exclusive.
    * Because you CAN!

    Please be aware there will be NO NORMAL HAIRS!
    The designers are free to make something that stands out!
    Colourful/bizarre show stopping numbers!
    They might stick some garbage in it, throw in a rocket launcher, or give it teeth – you get the idea!
    We let their imaginations run riot!

    THE DESIGNERS in this hunt are all hand picked by INVITATION ONLY. Sorry but I have to maintain the quality/weirdness/creativity of the hairs and trust all to do so.

    I AM THRILLED to see what each of our makers will create and hope you too will enjoy their fun and freaky items.
    Male/female/unisex hair will be available in the hunt.
    SO men you can join in too!

    THERE WILL BE NO OFFICIAL HUNT CLUES but hairs will be blogged on Savoir Hair Blog.

    All hunt items will be hidden 20 metres from the landing points and in plain view, so it will be fun but not impossible to find.You will be hunting for a slightly smaller version of the sphere attached to poster!
    There is no group to join for advice or help as we are convinced such a group is unnecessary.
    Hairs MAY be blogged, a few days before the hunt, as a teaser,by a few trusted bloggers only.
    The hunt will have a MAXIMUM of 60 places to visit.
    We want it fun, drama free and something to enjoy for all!


    Treebee Withnail – Original hunt idea /poster artwork /mad bitch in charge of invitations, sorta! Please contact for info, before the hunt starts!
    Helena Stringer – Ideas, wording and being amazingly useful!
    Ameshin Yossarian – Japanese translation/Japanese liaison and goddess!
    Teagan Blackthorne – Ideas, help and Savoir hair blogger!
    Shangreloo Kuhn – Fashion blogger and lover of the strange!
    Laynie Link – Being Laynie and Savoir hair blogger!
    Booperkit Mosely – Adding funk!

    NDN Got a new Building!

    19 03 2010

    That´s right! We have been improving the store building up a bigger place, and starting for today, you can purchase hairs as separate from fatpacks! You will be able to buy just one or more, or the entire pack, as you wish =] Also the club will be inside the store, so you can have fun with live djs while shopping =] so Save the new landmark if you got tped out from the old place !

    NEW NDN building - improved

    Make some Noise at Janurary 27 th in Club NDN!

    25 01 2010

    This Wednesday, DJ Pangs will be running out a great party, with a Contest running (BEST IN ANIME) , you can win a NDN valuable prize at the end!! Lots of Industrial, Goth, And song requests!

    The Event will start to 10-12 PM SL time.

    Don´t forget to get the ride!

    Meet our Toxic Wastelanders Merchants!

    23 01 2010

    Want to see more on what we got on Toxic Wastelands?

    These are our current Toxic Wastelands Shoppers, bringing out you more of goodies!
    WOG – Waste of Gestures
    Blood Driven

    Dark Draconia
      Want to join with the Toxic Wastelanders Merchants? Please IM trilochankaur rehula for more info in avaliable spots.