Freebies: Do they help generate interest at your business?

8 01 2009


All Second Life residents have heard about those famous freebies that you can find in every single land corner. Most business owners uses this nice feature to promote their business and also a kind of way to “thank their customers” for purchasing their products. Others uses to cheat, adding ridiculous prices to get a simply “so called free item”, and unfortunally put ripped off items that was stolen from somewhere. Well. Now that is the question:

How do they help generate interest at your business? Does your customers when gets freebies out from your store, do they return to see your products? Do they im you to say that they are very satisfied with your free item that got interested to see more about yor store? Or they just get, leave and no more you hear of them ?

Well this subjects is well divided. It really depend on Kind of freebie we are giving out. Some freebies has limited features that works (gadgets, HUDS)… that turn out interest in people to get know more about this and maybe purchase the full product of you. That´s a great advantage of adding your DEMO products to buy for 0L not 1L (I don´t call products sold for 1L as freebie, as this isn´t really for free), and the other vantage that count much, is adding a freebie that WAS REALLY MADE BY YOU, NOT GOT FROM A FREEBIE RESELL. Really, unique freebies, more people can have some idea of your products quality and it will turn in interested at your store more.

We are so sick to see places giving out freebies that are really out of time, it´s just that i don´t think old freebies are good, but INOVATING them, gives more motivation to your customers to return at your place. New things are GREAT sometimes. Specially with clothes.

Giving out freebies can or can´t be connected to your sales. It really depends on the way you give out a freebie. New stuff generates interest from everybody.

Make them return to your store. It worths.

Make them return to your store. It worths.

Tips to get great outfits in Second Life for free! (Lucky Chair)

26 11 2008

Hello Residents!

Most of you all new, veterans know that Second Life provide things for free and paid. But Free items we can find a lot of them, and specially in GREAT QUALITY.

What is the secret of this anyway? It´s called LUCKY CHAIRS. Like it´s said on the name, lucky chair is usually used by store owners to promote their store. Given some good quality outfits and accessories, it help make people wear them and tell their friends about the place.

This is a Themed Lucky Chair, for Xmas, can be found at my mainstore

This is a Themed Lucky Chair, for Xmas, can be found at my mainstore

 How does it work?

Those Chairs provide Letters (A to Z) wich randomly will give prize that is inside of the chair. There are themed chairs, like for Xmas, halloween, and the original LC one. That´s why i recomend, never sign up for an account with numbers before your name! Because LC doesn´t give prizes to avatar wich has any number before the letter, for example, 84Kris Beck.

The Chair owner chooses if he wants to give cash or prize, or can be both. Some places gives out to 1L to 10L depending on the place. You can make up to 100L in a day if you are really lucky to find lots of chairs with lindens around!

Because of this new Lc wave there are lots of competitions with same letters. You will always find same people around the chairs looking for the same thing as you do. You can be their friends or they chair enemy, (happens sometimes). 

There are lots of LC specialized groups wich will always gives you landmarks with letters to visit – and most of the users help each others giving the landmarks indeed.

There are another way to hunt for lucky chairs – the easy HUD for chair hopping called oX DOS HUD), wich you wear and it will apear a circle on the middle of your screen, and you can click it and it will give you addresses with the places that are giving prizes with your letter, automatically. To visit those places, you will have to open your chat history and click the desired landmark.

This is the box for take the oX DOS HUD, can be found at my mainstore

This is the box for take the oX DOS HUD, can be found at my mainstore

You can get a copy of the oX DOS HUD at my Store and also be lucky to get some great outfits and accessories from NDN at this landmark –