New Release: Mesh cyberlox Unisex!

24 09 2013

The Mesh Cyberlox Unisex

Howdy Glowstickers!

Today Im releasing the second version of the Mesh Cyberlox, and at this time is unisex!

It comes as unique size, can be fit on female or male shape, rigged, 7 colors of choice, no hairbase included.

You can grab yours here :

Hair Fair 2010: the DEMO HAIR Group

4 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

As I have mentioned on the other post, the Fair is about to start in a few hours. It´s been said officially by the Hair Fair Comitee that the Event will start about 10 am SLT (Second Life time, please check with your local hour).

But I know, the other creators know and even the Organizers know that you all must be anxious to see at least the Hair Demos that are avaiable on this fair… So to please you all guests, the comittee has created a separated group only for that. It´s called Hair Fair Demo Group , and we have already send out notices with the Demo pack attached, so you can start to preview what we all got for good.

As again, i will be posting soon as the event opens the landmark for you people.
Have fun with tons of DEMOS!

Hair Fair 2010: Join the Hero Squad!

1 09 2010

It´s about to start the most beneficent Annual Event in Second Life: Hair Fair 2010, wich is sponsored by the “Fashionable Secre Admirer” and the Chosen Charity is “Wigs for Kids”.

I´ve heard that the responsables of the Charity will be present online at this fair, so i am happy that such of group of volunteers, helpers and everyone that is involved with this event will be together with us.

We from NebuchadNezzar – NDN will be acting like “heroes” ! Join our hero squad and help with the purchase of one of our Hair styles, and the funds will be donated for the Chosen Charity.

We have released 3 styles of Hair, so boys and girls can enjoy them and at same time helping one or more children.

The event starts at september 4 and goes until september 19. I will be posting the Landmark for the fair soon. There will be 4 sims full of great hair designers and creativity. And i am pretty happy to be part of this fair by the second time!

See you there!

Crazy Arse Hunt 2 is almost coming…. And NDN is there!

11 07 2010

That´s right… July 15th is coming and get prepared to start hunting those freak prizes out there soon…. With us, you gonna find the most freaking weird Dreads ever made in our store….

It´s called LIGHTLY DREADS and it has a nice tons of color (orange and black), and we wanted to lace up those dreads in sorta of a … different way. (With a nice light lamp on the corner, to not get lost on dark, LOL).


Be on eye for the Hunt date and start getting it soon!

The start Hunt location is on the U-Neek.

Radiowerk Helmet – Industrial Darkness

15 04 2010

 Radiowerk Helmet

This awesome industrial style helmet will give you out some dark and cyber style at the same time. Helmet that comes with tubes, and the glass tint can be changed it’s transparency by menu. Come try out today!

The Crazy Arse Hunt – NDN´s Bird Nest

3 04 2010

That´s right. The hunt has already started, and I´ve already gave away more than 1k of free hair on this hunt. Presenting you, the Bird´s Nest, wich is a Baroque Style touch with weirdness. A nice home for a bird raise it´s home :p

A nice and tiny hint, the place where the hunt ball is stated, is on a space that is well supportive for everyone. Well, have fun with it !

NDN Bird Nest - Picture Credits by Shay and the SL Shopping Gang Blog. -

Get the chance to win one of NDN hair!

27 05 2009

Come right now at our sim, and find our new NDN camping spots around there, for a chance to get one of our valuables hair. The prize is for boys and girls!

For a limited time – Run before we take it off the road!

If you find any floating gears around our sim, just sit and wait – be sure to read the notecard from the gears before camp!

have fun!

NDN New Releases

28 01 2008

Hi All

 There are new Releases at my store, please come check it out!

NDN - Funker Vogt T-Shirt  NDN - Wumpscut T-Shirt 

NDN - Krieg T-Shirt  NDN - Suicide Commando T-Shirt
NDN - Terrorfakt T-Shirt  NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Red

NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - White  NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Yellow 
NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Green  NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Green
NDN - Skulls & Stripes Series - Pink