NEW RELEASES: SynThec Series, Reverse Cyberlox Unisex, Vaultix Cyberlox, Mohawk33h Unisex, Steampunk Accessories, Vector X Respirators, NDN Classix, Synthestruct Hair

2 03 2010

Yay! We got very inspirational, and decided to release plenty of new stuff for all of you, glowstickers. New Cyberlox for now BOTH MALE AND FEMALE! Also more new fancy hairfalls, SynThec Series for Male and female, and back again the the NDN Classix! The most cheap band T-shirts you gonna find there! Be amazed with the new Colored and glowy respirators. We also made something for those steampunk lovers. So come here today and see what else we got new on here!


NDN - SynThec Series

NDN - Reverse Cyberlox Unisex

NDN - Vaultix Cyberlox

 NDN - Mohawk33h

NDN - Steampunk Goggles


 NDN - Brass Facemask

 NDN - Vector X Respirator Blue


NDN - Vector X Respirator yellow 

 NDN - Vector X Respiratorpink 

 NDN - Vector X Respirator  white

NDN - Vector X Respirator  red 

NDN - Vector X Respirator green 

NDN - Synthestruct Hair

E:/Exe Cuteness Hairfalls Release!

8 02 2010

More 7 styles of new Hairfalls made by NDN … and the possibility of change the up tubes colors of your Falls with HUD Color change!
Get them today!

E:/Exe Cuteness Hairfalls Release!