Group Limit : Should this be a LL priority?

15 03 2009

We all know that since the beginning of the Second Life, there were lots of changes in everything. For the viewer functions, for the graphics enhancement, but they should think about giving more opportunities for the users have more slots of groups. At the beginning, there was only 10 limit for the groups per avatar, wich is ridiculous, you actually have to choose wich one you think is the best for you. But what about the merchants, who get lots of invites in malls wich needs to be invited for each group to rezz stuff?

After this 10 limit group, they re-think and saw that this was a joke just have 10 groups for a giant brand metaverse. Ok, so they up the limit to 25.. woot, do you really think this have fixed something ?

Some people say that you can get an invite for a mall group, rezz your stuff there and then leave the group. I don´t find this a good idea, i really like to keep checking the malls ive rented to add new stuff when i release. I dont feel like to be asking everytime for a group invite to add my stuff, also the mall owner wont feel confortable with that. Would be called “annoying”. Yes, i know that i paid for it and the mall owner have the obligation to attend me. But i don´t find ethical. But, for those times, its been really harsh to me get up a place and keep with that. Ive ben thinking just to let my Mainstore and my satellite stores on the places that i can really use the same group tag, to avoid “collect groups” and end over my group limit.


Linden Lab, if you are reading this, give us at least 50 limit groups for us! (including basic accounts)!

A desperately letter from a merchant to Linden Lab Support: Please Fix the Xstreet Logins!

28 02 2009

Dear LL Support:

 It’s really annoying when we are adding dozens of new products, after write a long description, we click on submit and loose all we write because of this login glitch. I am having headaches, have to rewrite all over it again, even worse, i have to use notecard now to not loose everything i wrote on my products! please do something for the christ sake, this isn’t hard enough to change, just a line on your php system! We know that you all read this but please at least A NOTE on why suddenly we have to log in in each 10 minutes. This is really scaring off customers from every merchant here, wich we give our urls in world to shop here and they can’t because every minute they have to keep digit they password hundred times.

To show up how this is very important to us, merchants, even for your most serious users and of course, customers, we have opened a thread on your very new aquired Xtreet website . I don’t know why this had to be touched, that you have more important stuff to take care on that website. This is really affecting business traffic for all of us, as you lindens don’t have a “business” inside the metaverse and don’t know how important our xtreet website needed to be vert easy accessed for everyone.

It’s not safe to keep digit the password everytime. Some of us uses Xtreet on lan houses, friend houses, whatever, and keep login everytime just because of this stupid glitch, we are not safe.

I hope my and others merchant cause can make some significant to your second lives. Thank you, from a desesperatly merchant trying not to loose patience.