1.280 (or even more) Infantry Male Given at Make him Over Hunt

30 06 2009

Howdy Spookykids,

I was glad to be part of the first Male hunt over Second Life Grid. On the 30 days of hunt running, NebuchadNezzar -NDN gave away 1.280 or even more copies of Infantry Male outfit – wich is fabulous – and also 334 or even more copies of the Juku Goggles as part of a gift that I gave away on the group notice.

Was fun to look up at the popular hints on the group notice, well, hope you all enjoyed the prize as i enjoy the hunt adventure.


Thanks for the Compliments & Reviews from the Men Over Hunt Hunters!

17 06 2009

Howdy Spookykids,

I´m very happy from the result of the hunt that is still happening on the grid, (until 30th), the feedback from the visitors, customers and appreciators of my work, with notecards and blog posts, as i felt to inclined i want to thank you guys posting your blogs here and show you all that we creators/designers read everything you post about us 😀

Here i could find few posts of reviews from our Prize, Infantry Male, our @129 Prize:






And if you have blogged about us or our prize, please answer us back in here!


Make Him over Hunt – # 129 NebuchadNezzar Hint

5 06 2009

The symbol has changed place.


Follow by this hint: Take a toxic bath!

Nothing hard =p

have fun


Make him over Hunt – NebuchadNezzar – NDN Hint # 3

4 06 2009

from the public mouth around the Group chat, there is a new hint floating around … –


“get some fresh air ..  be careful of the green mist. .. YO MAYBE HULK OUT AND GO GREEN!!”




100+ Hunters just in first hunt day.WOW @ Make him over hunt.

3 06 2009

100 + people came by to find our treasure just in 24 h of hunt running. That is stunning!

Now we are on the second day, more than 200 + people already got their prizes. Hope all them enjoy it, i wish to see some pics of you guys wearing NebuchadNezzar – NDN clothes…


If you are missing out the hunt for SL men , please visit our store and try to find out the Male Symbol hidden somewhere in there… don´t forget to follow the hints by our Robo Hunt Hinter.