TIP: Why do I look like a particle cloud? (Formerly known as: I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an ugly woman.)

30 01 2010

Old default “Ruth” avatar

In versions of Second Life before Viewer 1.20, we used a default avatar loading form known as “Ruth”, as shown at right. When your avatar suddenly turned into an ugly woman, Residents called it being “Ruthed”, because Ruth is the historical name of an early avatar form — not unlike having a great, great-grandmother.

Default “plasma cloud” avatar

In the Second Life Viewer version 1.20 and later, your appearance is that of a plasma cloud while your avatar is loading. This effect is not permanent and your avatar will take form as things around you begin to rez (load). During this time, you may not access the Appearance Editor.

You also appear as a cloud when some information about you gets lost on the way from one place to another. However, you are not stuck this way permanently! Follow these steps to restore yourself to normal:

From your main menu, click Edit > Preferences > Graphics tab.
Slide the Quality & Performance slider to a lower setting.
Check the box next to Custom on the Graphics tab.
Move the Draw distance slider to the left.
Slide the Mesh Details sliders to Low.
Avatar Impostors is checked by default. If you have unchecked it, activate that feature again.
Additional helpful techniques:

Log out and restart Second Life (relog).
Right-click yourself, select Appearance, do NOT save anything, and click Close.
If those don’t work, try the following process:

Access and wear a default avatar.
Re-wear your normal shape, skin, clothes, and attachments. This step is much easier if you are using a pre-existing saved outfit, but remember not to save anything before your avatar is restored!.
Tip: If you tried all of the above, and your avatar is still a cloud, submit a ticket to our Support team for assistance.

To get other avatars to load faster:

Lower your draw distance.
Zoom in closely on the avatar that still shows as a cloud.

Tips for New Buyers

3 06 2009

Howdy Spooky Kids,

We all were new someday in SL. Also beside even explore places at first time, we got our first shopping once, even if it was a freebie.

When you somehow get lindens, your next step is to spent them in some interesting item you find around the metaverse. After you get your most wanted stuff, some stuff may happen (not that i am saying that this will happen), in some cases, some item may have some glitch or you need help to set up them, and you don´t know how. Well, as a worried customer, you want to contact the creator somehow to make him/her help you out with this. Some IMs the creator or sends NOTECARDS to them, but unfortunally, in most cases, with incomplete information on the title notecards, as some of the merchants have a HUGE mass of messages in a day, the messages may be capped because of some reasons:

– Merchants also participates in Groups. Hunts/Malls/Fashion, etc groups generate notices. They can disable it but it´s not an obligation, if they desire to have the news from the other people. Notices is stated as like normal IMs , resulting the mass capped message that will be on the creator´s box.

– Greeters that send green texts to the owner –  (AKA traffic stats bots) wich send to the merchant´s mailbox a list of people who have recently visited his place, in every minute. This mass message may up ending capped messages too.

– Worried Customers trying to contact the Merchant: People stay calm. The most secure way to contact the merchant is only sending them a notecard. Instant mass IMs may up not appearing at his viewer and some cases doesn´t even go to the mailbox. Don´t blame us if you just send Instant messages and end up not getting any response. It´s not that we are avoiding it, it´s just really we don´t receive AT ALL.

About Sending a CORRECT NOTECARD to be visualized by the merchant:

– Try always to add your issue on the TITLE LINE. If possible with your avatar name, to rapidly contact you. Most of “New Note” notecards end up confusing us and not having the properly priority. When we see it´s a serious issue we try to get online soon as possible, if not we just wait for the time we get able to connect. And some people doesn´t even read because they might think it´s mall invitation notes.

– If you can´t find the item you bought: Try always to use the INVENTORY SEARCH form on the Inventory window. Look up for the name of the item you bought, and if it was recent, you can look up on the “Recent Items” tab.

– Some people are lazy to create their own notecard and rewrite inside of other avatar´s notecard and send it to the merchant anyway, with no title or identification. and may end up we getting contact with the wrong person. That´s why we ask for your SL name on the NC title.

-If you are looking for simple scripts, you may have a look on the Official Second Life Forums or SL wiki, you may up finding them for free instead of paying much for an item that you can get for free.

– When navigate on the Xtreet website, if you had any issue with online purchase, try always contact support first than send rude messages to the merchant blaming them because of the miss delivery. Most of time miss deliveries are caused of some lag in Xtreet – Xtreet Magic box communication. How to contact support – https://www.xstreetsl.com/support.php

– Be Respectful no matter what the situation is. As we aren´t on face to face, we always want the best for our customers, don´t assume the worst happened, give the merchant one or two days to contact you back before you get on nervous. As you may know, we all do have a Real life and sometimes things may gets us in surprises.

There are some few tips to have a hapilly and safely shopping in sl, in world or online, trying to following them you may get the things sorted out very easily with no  confusion at the end. I am sure lots of merchants wants to express everything like it´s written here but in our profiles we don´t have much space for it, so don´t think when we say “send your issues by notecard” or something like that, we don´t want to be rude or arrogant. We want to help you, just help us too to reach you in the easy way.

That´s all for now!

Get the chance to win one of NDN hair!

27 05 2009

Come right now at our sim, and find our new NDN camping spots around there, for a chance to get one of our valuables hair. The prize is for boys and girls!

For a limited time – Run before we take it off the road!

If you find any floating gears around our sim, just sit and wait – be sure to read the notecard from the gears before camp!

have fun!


How to kill sales and drive off customers. (Funny Rant)

17 02 2009

This is a funny rant. Don´t take it serious!

First of all use 1024 x 1024 textures for all your products. This will ensure slow slow load times making the customer impatient and leave. Smaller textures like 512 x 512 are 1/4th the size and allow faster load times and in most cases aren’t going to appear less detailed then ones 4 times the size and you don’t want to actually let customers see your items. God forbid using anything smaller like 256 x 256 textures..

Find a mall where everyone uses 1024 x 1024 textures also helps kill those pesky sales and keep customers who don’t have time to stand around two hours waiting for textures to load.

Make sure you use lots of network vendors. These babies love to lag and take forever to load textures. And if you need a vendor system don’t use those non-network ones because they are just too fast and never cause much lag.

Have your store layout that is confusing and poorly arranged. This will make sure any customer who is looking for a particular items hopelessly lost and they will probably give up.

Make sure the teleport spot faces away from your store and faces out to other stores. This will give new customers a chance to go shopping at stores you don’t own because hey they think they teleported to your store. Best way to do this is face away from your door as if you just walked out of it then set the teleport location and Landmark.

And last but not least ignore those pesky IMs and note cards when people ask for help. By doing this you can be assured they won’t recommend your store to others or even wear your items and use them where others can see how cool they are. After all most sales are word of mouth and others seeing people using and wearing your things.


From : Xtreet User Forum

Freebies: Do they help generate interest at your business?

8 01 2009


All Second Life residents have heard about those famous freebies that you can find in every single land corner. Most business owners uses this nice feature to promote their business and also a kind of way to “thank their customers” for purchasing their products. Others uses to cheat, adding ridiculous prices to get a simply “so called free item”, and unfortunally put ripped off items that was stolen from somewhere. Well. Now that is the question:

How do they help generate interest at your business? Does your customers when gets freebies out from your store, do they return to see your products? Do they im you to say that they are very satisfied with your free item that got interested to see more about yor store? Or they just get, leave and no more you hear of them ?

Well this subjects is well divided. It really depend on Kind of freebie we are giving out. Some freebies has limited features that works (gadgets, HUDS)… that turn out interest in people to get know more about this and maybe purchase the full product of you. That´s a great advantage of adding your DEMO products to buy for 0L not 1L (I don´t call products sold for 1L as freebie, as this isn´t really for free), and the other vantage that count much, is adding a freebie that WAS REALLY MADE BY YOU, NOT GOT FROM A FREEBIE RESELL. Really, unique freebies, more people can have some idea of your products quality and it will turn in interested at your store more.

We are so sick to see places giving out freebies that are really out of time, it´s just that i don´t think old freebies are good, but INOVATING them, gives more motivation to your customers to return at your place. New things are GREAT sometimes. Specially with clothes.

Giving out freebies can or can´t be connected to your sales. It really depends on the way you give out a freebie. New stuff generates interest from everybody.

Make them return to your store. It worths.

Make them return to your store. It worths.

You know when you are talking to a Noob when .. (Funny SL Moments)

19 11 2008

Hello All!


After passing by some funny moments and also reading few websites, i felt like i had to open this post and share some nice funny moments i had with few customers and also random people around Second Life.

You know you are talking to a noobie when…

  1. When they buy clothes from you and receive the prim box wich is the package of that outfit, and I get an IM complaining that “Your outfit is a box with a picture? Why is that?” Wich they don´t realize that need to rezz on floor to unpack it.
  2. When randomly someone see you building your things on sandbox and they start talk to you and you answer nicely and suddenly after a long talk about what we do on Sl, they ask, “would mind answer me what is a PRIM?”
  3. Just like the item 1, when someone gets a prize at my lucky chair and then IMs me “hey i got ur prize stucked on my left hand what should I do?”
  4. When you put your prim outfits with the resizing scripts, you cleary states that in a notecard and on the product image with is given together on the outfit, and someone IMs you saying “how the hell i suppose modify to fit my avatar with those no modify prims?” And then I nicely answer back “Have you looked the notecard inside the folder, and also did you even read the product vendor wich cleary says “Prims modifiable by menu?” They just simple oops.
  5. When someone didn´t even speak to you and comes with that vampire bite thing, wich is annoying.
  6. When they usualy buys a house in a Box, they take long time to build it all. Why? they didn´t use the rezz tools, they just simply open the rezz tool box and try to build it manually u.u
  7. When after 5 minutes of talking they ask to be they boyfriend, you don´t even know them!
  8. When they come show up to you some “nice stuff” they say they build, and when you see, it´s a Linden made object u.u
  9. Being asked for sex, no conversation, nothing before, just that annoying question
  10. When they wear prims that are totally out of the shape, foot appearing off the prim shoes, bracelets just floating around the arm, hair totally messed up, and they find that glamorous (they even put a profile picture with that!)
  11. When they go to a shape/skin store, they find a nicely product (with what is selling on that product is the SHAPE not the SKIN), they buy it thinking they got a nicely skin from that vendor but they only got the shape, and them im complaining about that. (i start to think how people are lazy to read the product labels)
  12. When they doesn´t talk anything else but how to get money, if i can borrow them, how to get a job, how to find places for it, etc
  13. When they think Sandbox are their homes, they think they can build a city over there and try shout to everyone ” don´t even enter on my private land!”
  14. When they uses Sandbox to grief anyone “ohhh how macho mens are they…”
  15. When they build a house on a sandbox and put a orbiter on that place (sandbox is public)
  16. When they start doing those annoying ugly dances like hugglefuck someone when it´s away, those annoying gestures, start making fun of everyone who enters the sim, with those giant ugly necklace prims they wear thinking they are from the ghetto.
  17. When they keep asking you  – How can I change the make up of my skin? – you simply answer – buying another skin from the same type but with different makeup, they just get angry “howcome spend lots of lindens in lots of same skins with different make ups” it´s just no comment.
  18. When they attach they private parts and start stalking you everywhere you go on that sim and shouting “hey have sex with me!”
  19. When they only do for living is lucky chair hopping.
  20. When they doesn´t even know what Mainland is.
  21. When they suddenly appears into ur house and you greet them and they greet back “hey i am just observing you”.

And possible lots of more. If u have any to share, please post them! =p




A friendly guide for starters – Freebies, Help Islands

19 12 2007

Hello residents!

 Today i want to help with a friendly post with the most basic needs for starters.
When you born in-world, the first thing that you might worry is how to use Second Life. There are bits of Help Islands that are formed by groups of SL Mentors and they are always there to help you in any tips.

Don’t start your second life worrying about how to earn money. You need to understand how does it works, what are the basic deeds and knowledges that you must have to start having a job or own business.

You can be everything you ever dreamed. From Human to furries or robots, you can roleplay and meet lots of people with same interest as you.

Another basic thing for starters to get a second life beautifully are the freebies. Freebies are free items collected from all over the SL world (clothes, shoes, hair, acessories, jewelery, Ao (animation override)) made from the most SL experts. You can buy it for free (0 L ) and make your avatar looks more interesting. There are tons of freebie lands wich gives you opportunity to start your life with something in hands, and i will put down few links to teleport you to those most interesting places.

Some interesting Freebie Islands that you -starter- should visit:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Thinktank/37/55/24 – ! FREEBIE STORE A of Free Unionhttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Deva%20Loka/17/57/56 – FREEBIES DUNGEON 0L$

http://slurl.com/secondlife/NineInchNerds/122/106/24 – Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise http://slurl.com/secondlife/freetown/72/76/25 – FREEBIE====ALL=0L$====True======http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ellingson/60/36/95 – JAY’S FREEBIE WORLD 0 L$: Campin

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wien/150/215/27 – Vienna Freebies

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burns/95/148/79 – Freebie Warehouse

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Indigo/205/81/39 – Gnubie Store

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dinah/42/109/41/ – GamersBrand Freebies

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bloom%20County%20/69/88/23/ -Freebie Jeebies- Money Tree -Und, Bloom County

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Baltazar%20/213/23/36/ – FREEBIE SUPPLY

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wien/149/215/27/ – Vienna Freebies

These are only few ones from the huge list of freebie lands. You may find freebies at some pro stores, they usually gives you this gift of courtesy by visiting them.

And here are some Help Islands that you will find usefull:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dhaulagiri%20/218/91/50/ – Rokku Carlton’s Help Island

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Help%20Island%20Public/71/98/22/ – Help Island Building Tutorial

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Brampton/160/188/0/ – Orientation Stations – Need Help?