NDN Got a new Building!

19 03 2010

That´s right! We have been improving the store building up a bigger place, and starting for today, you can purchase hairs as separate from fatpacks! You will be able to buy just one or more, or the entire pack, as you wish =] Also the club will be inside the store, so you can have fun with live djs while shopping =] so Save the new landmark if you got tped out from the old place !

NEW NDN building - improved


Hair Fair 2009 – Meet the designers

16 06 2009


Created by Illclan Animation Studios (www.illclan.com). Meet the wonderful designers behind your favorite hairstyles in Second Life! We hope to see you at Hair Fair 2009, running June 20 – July 4. Search “Hair fair” in Second Life to find us!
Sachi Vixen – Adam n Eve
Autumn Hykova – Tiny Bird
Trilochankaur Rehula – NebuchadNezzar
Kia Goodliffe – Hair Solutions
Vasha Martinek – +DV8+


NebuchadNezzar : New Release @ Hair Fair 09 #2

15 06 2009


NDN - Radioactive Foam Falls @ Hair Fair 09


Radioactive Foam Falls

Totally different from our other hairs, this one will promise out there. Falls totally made with foam material, will give you more mistery charm when clubbing out there. Well, use your imagination!


Demos will be avaliable at our mainstore until the Fair Starts – So you can get the full version at June 20th in Hair Fair Exposition.

NDN @ Make him over HUNT !

18 05 2009

NDN will participating on the hunt turned to the Male Public. Males around the Grid will have the chance to get a outfit by NDN when they find the Male Symbol Hidden somewhere around the store. Of course more other known brands will be together on this hunt, so expect great quality wear soon!

 To know more about the hunt and the other stores will be on this, please access :

You will find us as “Industrial Cybergoth Gear”  Instead of NebuchadNezzar or NDN .

NebuchadNezzar – NDN At Hair Fair 2009!

14 05 2009
NebuchadNezzar @ Hair Fair 09

NebuchadNezzar @ Hair Fair 09

Howdy Spookykids,

This year we are happy and glad to participate in the most big Hair Event of Second Life. Most part of the donations goes to Locks of Love, wich is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. For more information on this incredible organization, please visit: http://www.locksoflove.org/index.html .

This year, Hair Fair will take place early summer of 2009 and is scheduled to run from June 20th through July 4th. The SLURL will be published soon on the Official Hair Fair Website – http://hair-fair.net/, so keep on eye for the landmark!

Preview Party (Killers Designers at Crimson Shadow)

18 10 2008

This is a small taste of the biggest Event that happens at Crimson Shadow. The place rocked over with 4 hours w/ Djane Bianca Darling and Azufr3 Catteneo, play the Best EBM, Industrial, Goth, Electronica Music. Models showing up the best creations of the Killers Designers around the Castle, and of course, the Designers itself came to party together, like myself ;]

Preview Party (Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow)

Bit of taste of Party beginning

Preview Party (Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow)

Hot Crowd Around

Preview Party (Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow)

Nocturnal Model wearing Cyber Destiny Princess around the Party

Preview Party (Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow)

And myself watching the hot crowd


 The Official Fashion Show beggins tomorrow – oct 19th, showing the most creative Designs over Crimson Shadow (2pm SLT time).


Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow Rezzable – Preview Party Today!

18 10 2008

Howdy Spooky People!

I am very excited because starts today the biggest event during 3 weeks at Rezzable Crimson Shadow – The Killer Designers started to put out their great creations and also i´ve put there what I created for this whole show!

NDN - Cyber Destiny Princess (Exclusive Sale At Crimson Shadow Rezzable Sim)
NDN – Cyber Destiny Princess (Exclusive Sale At Crimson Shadow Rezzable Sim)

Full outfit of CYBER DESTINY PRINCESS – A Classic Gown Inspired with Victorian /Cyberistic touches. Keep wondering how a Cybergoth would marry like this, would be glad ;]

The Preview Party Happens today – Oct 18th and it will start between 12-2pm with first music Sets of DJane Bianca Darling. Tomorrow happens the Fashion Show, at 2pm.
Click at this url to teleport there.
Hope you see all  there!

Cyber goth Party on Second Life : Rocked over!

17 08 2008

Hey Glowstickers!

The party that happens this Saturday (August 16) on Bar Sinister in Second Life was amazing, and the contest prize wich was in first time said (2.500 L) raised to 8 K ! The Winner was damn lucky and also i gave away two NDN outfits, and the people enjoyed most time with the rocking music by Dj Saleena Hax!
Loved to participate this amazing party!
Vasha Martinek, the Bar Sinister Manager invited me and my store to be part of her magazine, Deposer, and you can check her review and more about the party that happened this weekend.


Cyber goth Party on Saturday, August 16

13 08 2008

Cyber goth Party on Saturday, August 16


Howdy Glowstickers,

At this next saturday, NDN and Bar SINister will open a different themed party, wich is THE BEST IN CYBERGOTH outfits.

Come join this weekend to have fun with the great sets of Saleena Hax wich will full up your ears with :

-Front 242
– Carfax Abbey,
– Retrosic
– Agonoize
– Panzer AG

and much more to please your ears.

At the end of the party you can have a chance to win one of NDN outfits! Keep the landmark and tp your friends to have fun this weekend!


Happy 5th Birthday Second Life!

27 06 2008


It´s been a pleasure to visit the 19 themed Sims for th 5th Anniversary of Second Life. Covered in most fantastic buildings, you will discover lot of great talented builders and artists that developed a part of this biggest party occuring on the metaverse.

 Anything that you imagined, from tinies to giant, from people to furries, is all round there. All the lands are making their exposition about their work, art, education, nonprofits and what do they most like around SL. And also everyhour a live musician perfoming in one of the 19 sims on the stage, with people to meet and dance. The most cool thing about the Sims names is related to Second life builders tools : Prim, Rezzed, Ruthed, Edit, Flexi, Hippos, Linked, Sculpty, Physical, Phantom, Rotate, Render, Copy, Move, Strech, Delegoose, Avatar, Dwell, Rebake, a great homage for the builders and creators. And also for you, if you are a designer, builder, you can help SL grow donating any of your work to be party of the LL inventory library for the new generation of residents. You will find a place where there is a capsule to you drag your full perm items there. Nice to check it out and help SL grow!

sl12The Time Capsule

There are few famous creators around the sims. You will reach a little land of the Greenies, Torley´s birtyday dolls, Linden Labs place wich you will see a picture of each Linden that works on the team, an exibition of Toxian City Roleplay, history of tinies, uthango.org exposition of animals, celebrities rejoinders, and these are the few things that you will find over all those sims.

The Second Life 5th birthday event will occur about 2 weeks :  The first week, June 23 to June 29, will be kicked off by speeches from Philip Linden and M Linden. Themes for that week will feature exhibits from cultures past and present, arts, fashion, machinima, and music. The second week, from June 30 to July 7, will feature exhibits from business, education, health care and nonprofits. We’ll close with a ceremony including a special guest speaker with a very important announcement. The deadline for the business, education, health care and nonprofit exhibits was Tuesday, June 10 at 6pm PDT. 

So if you didn´t visit yet, come hurry up!

Watch the places of Interest here, to see what´s going on now!

You can check few pics of the anniversary at my flickr  = http://www.flickr.com/photos/trilochankaur/