Hair Fair 2010: NebuchadNezzar – NDN`S Hair Goodies

3 09 2010

Join the hero Squad - Hair Fair 2010

Howdy Spookykids!

As Hair Fair 2010 is about to start Officially in a few Hours, i decided to post about the Hair Goodies that i will be giving out at the Event.

As you all know i am a still fan of Olf style Vintage, Psychobilly and Rockabilly culture, I have chosen 2 styles of hair, of course, for both of you, guys and girls. At this time i´ve put on the Bag of Goodies two “Vintage, Psychobilly,Rockabilly” hair styles. The girls one are called “Minnie” and the boys one are called “Psycho haircut”.

You will find them together with our store landmark on a Biohazard Sculpted Logomark near the Hair vendors. The bag of goodies is set up to only 1L !

See you in the fair ! 🙂

Hair Fair 2010: Hair Goodies (Psychobilly Style)

PS: When the fair starts i will be posting the hair fair landmark so you can´t miss it!


16 12 2008

Nebuchadnezzar, wich will be completing 1 year of existence next month and year, inaugurates a new different fashion line, with retro and psycho look. Psychobillies and Rockers from SL can enjoy our newest releases at , wich lvrieties of pompadour hairs for men and women, clothes and accessories. More stuff coming soon!

Attention to Sim, Mall Owners!

I am currently looking places to rent in Retro/Psychobilly themed malls or sims, with REAL and GOOD traffic. Offers please contact trilochankaur Rehula or send me a notecard.

NDN Retroesque - Psycho/Rockabilly Gear

NDN Retroesque - Psycho/Rockabilly Gear