Meet our Toxic Wastelanders Merchants!

23 01 2010

Want to see more on what we got on Toxic Wastelands?

These are our current Toxic Wastelands Shoppers, bringing out you more of goodies!
WOG – Waste of Gestures
Blood Driven

Dark Draconia
  Want to join with the Toxic Wastelanders Merchants? Please IM trilochankaur rehula for more info in avaliable spots.

[updated]Toxic Wasteland Land Pricing Rates

14 01 2010

Toxic Wastelands Current Avaliable land/Prefab Houses/Shops spaces to rent!
January, 14th, 2010

With the new sim open up, we are offering you with a very new cheapest prices of rental to our lands. If you enjoy post apocalyptic enviroment, we got that space for you!

This is the new modified rates of prices to purchase land plus weekly rental:

720 sqm 164 prims – Purchase for 120L plus 480L weekly.

– [SOLD] 2080 sqm 476 prims – Purchase for 200L plus 600L weekly.

– 3120sqm 714 prims – Purchase for 300L plus 1200L weekly.

784 sqm 179 prims – Purchase for 150 L plus 560L weekly.

672 sqm 153 prims – Purchsce for 100 L plus 400 L weekly.

We are sure that you won´t find any other place with cheapest price rates as ours.

********************If you look for a bigger land to put up your store or house, we can make it on demand for you (will be informed of the price rates and prim avaliables with speak directly to trilochankaur Rehula). *****************************

With the purchase of those lands you will have the abilities of :

– Change the Media Settings
– Change the Land Name
– Change the land picture
– Ban avatars or eject
– Use Banlines
– Add the land on search, etc.

Lands ready to live in – just pay up the prims you will use!

If you if are looking only places to rent out prims within no purchase land, we got you few prefab lands ready to live in (just pay the prim usage):

My Broken Corner (118 prims avaliable) – 250 L weekly

Shelter of the Undreams (30 prims avaliable) – 100 L weekly

Abandoned Trailer (50 prims avaliable) – 150 L weekly
Hotel FallinApartments (Cheap Apartments to rent, 23 prims avaliable) – 50L weekly

NOTE: Those Lands doesnt give you land owner rights. When purchased, you will be invited to join the Residents group so you can start rezz.

Premade Shops to rent !

We algo got you cheap shop space to rent, if you have your own business and want to start to get known, we can help you out there. Post apocalypt themed shops, you will find those prices rates avaliable to you:

20 prims shop – 100L weekly

39 prims shop – 120 weekly

26 prims shop – 110 weekly

NOTE: Those Lands doesnt give you land owner rights. When purchased, you will be invited to join the Merchants group so you can start rezz.


Any demand of land size of your desire, we can work on that. Just im with the land size info and will can give out how many prims will be avaliable aproximately to trilochankaur Rehula.