NebuchadNezzar : New Release @ Hair Fair Exposition

14 06 2009

NDN - Steam Brasstubes @ Hair Fair Exposition


Steam Brasstubes

Steampunk Lovers, wich enjoys all those gear engineering, vapor trails, everything automatic, this hair is for you. A dreadfall look alike, it will give you an elegant Industrial Victorian look, and it comes with some light bulbs wich you can touch to turn them off or on, and a small gear engineering as a hair accessory. 07 great colors of choice. This hair is unisex, so don´t worry!

Demos will be avaliable at our mainstore until the Fair Starts – So you can get the full version at June 20th in Hair Fair Exposition.

NDN - Steam Brasstubes @ Hair Fair Expo

NebuchadNezzar @ STEAM: Steampunk Travelers’ Event, Adventure & Megahunt

6 06 2009
1st Second Life´s Steampunk Hunt

1st Second Life´s Steampunk Hunt



This is the first ever Steampunk Grid-Wide hunt in Second Life!  There has never been a Steampunk-themed hunt before, so this will be very exciting and fun.  STEAM will take place during the month of September, 1st-30th.  The gifts will remain available for the entire month… if you can find them!

There will be many Steampunk-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in participating shops.  You’ll be offered a variety of gifts as you search for the hidden items.  Only high-quality designers have been invited to participate, and their exclusive items will be available only for the duration of the hunt.

As with most hunts, you will be given a starting location.  That location will give you the LM to the next, and so on. 

NebuchadNezzar is counting with the participation on this hunt. Prepare to be more geared soon!


Stay up on new with this hunt, much more to come soon: