Havok 4 ® Released on Second Life ®

5 04 2008

Hello Residents!

The new Havok® System has released this month by Linden Labs® on the Beta grid, and if you didn’t see it yet, you can download it here (  http://secondlife.com/community/preview.php  )

When you start playing, you should get this message:

The Beta Test Grid environment is transitory and for testing purposes only! While user information is fetched from the main grid, all Linden® Dollars, content, land, and other transactions are transitory. Updates made on the beta test grid will not be applied to the main grid. All users will have a starting amount of L$5000. As with objects, attachments, clothing, etc., any updates to a resident’s account (including monetary transactions) on the beta test grid will not be reflected on the main grid.

Please visit the Havok Beta wiki page to learn more about what’s changing in Havok 4, the release timeline, and how to help us test Havok thoroughly!


What is expected from Beta Version? From the Official Linden® Blog:

Reduced simulator crashes

  • Less lag in the physics engine
  • More reliable prim linkage
  • Stacked dynamic objects react when supporting objects are removed
  • Improved collision management – uniform spheres collide as spheres, rather than as faceted shapes
  • Penetrating dynamic objects will be automatically pushed apart by Havok4’s collision solver
  • Vertical simulation extent has been increased to 1024 meters
  • Some slight dynamic changes – avatar movements have changed slightly

So we do expect all this happen! LOL