Hair Fair 2009 – Meet the designers

16 06 2009


Created by Illclan Animation Studios ( Meet the wonderful designers behind your favorite hairstyles in Second Life! We hope to see you at Hair Fair 2009, running June 20 – July 4. Search “Hair fair” in Second Life to find us!
Sachi Vixen – Adam n Eve
Autumn Hykova – Tiny Bird
Trilochankaur Rehula – NebuchadNezzar
Kia Goodliffe – Hair Solutions
Vasha Martinek – +DV8+


Tips for New Buyers

3 06 2009

Howdy Spooky Kids,

We all were new someday in SL. Also beside even explore places at first time, we got our first shopping once, even if it was a freebie.

When you somehow get lindens, your next step is to spent them in some interesting item you find around the metaverse. After you get your most wanted stuff, some stuff may happen (not that i am saying that this will happen), in some cases, some item may have some glitch or you need help to set up them, and you don´t know how. Well, as a worried customer, you want to contact the creator somehow to make him/her help you out with this. Some IMs the creator or sends NOTECARDS to them, but unfortunally, in most cases, with incomplete information on the title notecards, as some of the merchants have a HUGE mass of messages in a day, the messages may be capped because of some reasons:

– Merchants also participates in Groups. Hunts/Malls/Fashion, etc groups generate notices. They can disable it but it´s not an obligation, if they desire to have the news from the other people. Notices is stated as like normal IMs , resulting the mass capped message that will be on the creator´s box.

– Greeters that send green texts to the owner –  (AKA traffic stats bots) wich send to the merchant´s mailbox a list of people who have recently visited his place, in every minute. This mass message may up ending capped messages too.

– Worried Customers trying to contact the Merchant: People stay calm. The most secure way to contact the merchant is only sending them a notecard. Instant mass IMs may up not appearing at his viewer and some cases doesn´t even go to the mailbox. Don´t blame us if you just send Instant messages and end up not getting any response. It´s not that we are avoiding it, it´s just really we don´t receive AT ALL.

About Sending a CORRECT NOTECARD to be visualized by the merchant:

– Try always to add your issue on the TITLE LINE. If possible with your avatar name, to rapidly contact you. Most of “New Note” notecards end up confusing us and not having the properly priority. When we see it´s a serious issue we try to get online soon as possible, if not we just wait for the time we get able to connect. And some people doesn´t even read because they might think it´s mall invitation notes.

– If you can´t find the item you bought: Try always to use the INVENTORY SEARCH form on the Inventory window. Look up for the name of the item you bought, and if it was recent, you can look up on the “Recent Items” tab.

– Some people are lazy to create their own notecard and rewrite inside of other avatar´s notecard and send it to the merchant anyway, with no title or identification. and may end up we getting contact with the wrong person. That´s why we ask for your SL name on the NC title.

-If you are looking for simple scripts, you may have a look on the Official Second Life Forums or SL wiki, you may up finding them for free instead of paying much for an item that you can get for free.

– When navigate on the Xtreet website, if you had any issue with online purchase, try always contact support first than send rude messages to the merchant blaming them because of the miss delivery. Most of time miss deliveries are caused of some lag in Xtreet – Xtreet Magic box communication. How to contact support –

– Be Respectful no matter what the situation is. As we aren´t on face to face, we always want the best for our customers, don´t assume the worst happened, give the merchant one or two days to contact you back before you get on nervous. As you may know, we all do have a Real life and sometimes things may gets us in surprises.

There are some few tips to have a hapilly and safely shopping in sl, in world or online, trying to following them you may get the things sorted out very easily with no  confusion at the end. I am sure lots of merchants wants to express everything like it´s written here but in our profiles we don´t have much space for it, so don´t think when we say “send your issues by notecard” or something like that, we don´t want to be rude or arrogant. We want to help you, just help us too to reach you in the easy way.

That´s all for now!

Sculpt users addict : Tip about LOD sculpted prim!

14 02 2009

Do not be taken in by Sculpty Myths!
Do you use sculpties but are disappointed with the Level Of Definition
at distances?

Sculpted prims are now a huge part of Second Life’s Abilities to Create!
If your not using them because of the lag you think it creates or the
Blobbyness some sculpted prims seem to be at distances,
Then this tip is the Amazing Fix to that!

There is an Amazing Fix for this ,
that will not only help your Sculpted Prim Viewing Pleasure and not
use up all your resources.

Debugging your LOD settings is something that can and will make all your sculpts hold the intended detail better.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Show the “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.
2. Select “debug settings” near the bottom.
3. In the blank space, copy and paste the word:


Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you! And it will improve the look of all sculpts.

You can thank the wonderful Vendors on xstreet for this trick.
I saw this tip and had to spread it to the world!

Follow like this picture

Follow like this picture

4. The recommend setting it as high as 4 to get all your sculpts looking as the maker intended.

Tips to make your own best photography in Second Life

3 05 2008

Hello Residents!

I think everyone’s passion in Second Life is taking pictures of your best moments in Second Life. We can find tons of models, but we can’t find tons of PROFESSIONAL photograpers. I mean by photographer as :

– Have a good sense of perspective, use and abuse of the editing tools that professionals image editors gives to us, and of course, the ability to be creative in using poses.

You can make your own photo book, using this tips that i find helpful to myself and my crew, and i would like to share with you people who wants to start having some business around Second Life.

  • AVOID the most freebie poses that already seen in most of the freebie products, and everywhere. They don’t really impress and there is a few that we can say “it’s good to use”. The rest is a pure terror! Those “gothic atitude” is a photograpy chaos.


  •  Studios or Spheres – Try to find those with gives you lots of varieties and resources. Use them with responsability, to not make your picture with hundreds of useless particles, colours, fogs and backgrounds. Ah! about the backgrounds, taking a picture above a photo of a EIFFEL TOWER PHOTO is nothing glamorous.


  •  BE CAREFUL WITH ACESSORIES! Bracelets not attached well to your arms, or even worse – giant bracelets, blinging piercings, bad attached gadgets, flying necklaces, and other incredible funny stuff are a big danger when you are modeling! Taking a few minutes on a stand pose to attach all of them well before a photography section! This will be good for you, i can tell!


  •  Clothes – Attention! A quality book requires quality clothes! So, for a great professional portfolio with 2 or 3 sets, stop being a poor guy or girl and invest yourself in good simple combinations but glamorous, and choose the best way to have your own fans or customers. Famous stores and international ones are the best choice, make mistake with those products it’s almost impossible to, unless you are a redneck commanding your avatar, LOL (nothing against them) 


  • Lights enviroment – The most important step for a big diferencial! Put your computer graphics to the most high you can, and abuse of the all ilumination you got. If the enviroment you are, are badly iluminated, try use the lighint tools that the studio can give or those face lights that you can find almost everywhere. What it doesn’t really count is those dark pictures with a dead looking, like you can see in most of the noob photo albums.


  •  Photo Edition – Perfect photos just turn perfect when you edit them. Using Photoshop or any other photo editor guarantee you a great final effect. The biggest diferencial is, you can see when someone is professional or not just seeing how they can use those image editors well.  This is really important, more advanced your knowledge, more efficience will be at the end!


  • Angles – Girls or boys, DO NOT try to inovate too much and try to be those liberal cibernetics. It sounds like a joke, but the quantity of girls showing their undies under the flexi skirt is incredible. Don’t use strange, badly or funny angles. Don’t do the most exagerated thingie, do care about the products you wear and make you avatar look professionaly wonderful. Taking a picture of yourself in side looking, or the sky appearing could be romantic but it doesn’t really gives any value to any merchant who are looking for models to use their products to sell.


  • The Sets theme is always opcional. But i always would like to see them than just see a simple studio blank picture. Try to find a great and different place you ever seen, but always try to match with the purpose of what you want, and start working! It’s always good to take a look over the place you are before you take any picture. The great quality of the place textures always count. Try to avoid those newbie mainlands with nothing to offer but just big newbie advertising wich gives you a really bad looking on the picture. In this case, you can try those mobile studios where you can find in Animation Islands, There is a lot of varieties, so don’t use your NOOB STANDING POSES!

Do you think this is all complicated? You don’t have abilities to edit your own image? Your avatar looks like a terrible monster on the picture ?

Calm down, just because of it you cannot think that you can’t be a star!

There are lots of GREAT PROFESSIONALS over the Second Life ® wich works only with this kind of business, and books confeccion! We know that we find lots of types of so called “photographers” but nothing just some bad edited image, and they also think windlight is perfectly for image edition! No! If you really take a look on the Search you will find good photographers. If you have doubt in any photographer you found, you can ask them to show thei past works, portfolios and talk with them! Say everything you want and need for a great photo book! And of course, ask them to make the best they can, because you are paying for it.

Who desires to be a model, besides that beauty can be done for everyone, don’t give up and invest on the best way you can. The Model carreer is a real thing over the Second Life®, but not much explored by people.


A Futuristic theme Photo Set.

Stop with typing animation!

8 11 2007

Don't type anymore!If you find really annoying seeing hundres of people chatting and making those typing sounds and animations like you are typing in the air, and seeing yourself being like a noob or even you wanna hide when you are typing to someone else, I have a solution for you.

 You need first set up your debugger settings (Pressing ctrl + Alt + D at same time) and it will appear two new menus: Client and Server. Now you just need to set up in your Client Menu > Debug Settings Option.

 It will open up a window with a dropdown menu. Go look on the list for the “playtypinganim” and next you put on False mode on dropdown below.

 Now it’s done! You won’t never hear yourself typing and writing at nowhere like a noob.

OBS: It will only work for your avatar. You will still hear other people typing and seeing their animations, unlessDebug Settings you ask them read this little tutorial and make everyone happy at the end.