trilochankaur Rehula


trilochankaur Rehula

“Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed.” – Darth Vader

Second life Rezzday: June 19th, 2007
Second life name: trilochankaur Rehula
Inside NDN: Clothes and Hair Designer, CEO
Favorite Musical Groups: These are just some of my favorite bands, not all of them are there, but it´s loads =p :wumpscut:, FGFC820, Grendel, Amduscia, Dolls of Pain, KiEw, Apoptygma Berzerk, God Module, Funker Vogt, avoid kharma,  And One, Aesthetic Perfection, Uberbyte, Combichrist, Nurzery [Rhymes], Imperative Reaction, Krystal System, Straftanz, Container 90, Restricted Area, Alestorm, Dioxyde, terrorfrequenz, SYMMETRY OF ASYMMETRY, Birmingham 6, Hioctan, Gogol Bordello, Pzychobitch, Re:\Legion, DJ Skinhead, Code Machine, Animassacre, Gorgot, DJ Paul Elstak, Cesium_137, AGAPESIS, Party Animals, Psyborg Corp, XP8, Suicide Commando, Terrorfakt, Cyborg Attack, Hocico, Extize, Informatik.

A Brief Story: The future is there. With the coming of this great metaverse, all the news speaking about this Second Life, what this place can bring and teach every people who put their pixel feet around there, that tv news made Trilochankaur Rehula think to decide join and see what it can bring for her. She didn´t know that this metaverse was magic, the place you can put your old ideas on paper, and show the world what you think and what you feel about being yourself. For about 3 years ago, she was just a bit crazy cybergoth looking for ways to show up about new things to dress the people around her. Not about just local people, but the World itself. All she wanted is contact with people with same taste as her, as she tried many times in another ways but failed unfortunally. But she didn´t actually knew that she could do that at this wonderfull metaverse. She tried up the first thing creating her first hair, not so much for the first time, but it was a a bit phenomenal cyberlox, for a person that never had tried build anything before. It wasn´t that late that she discovered the building skills, she decided to give a try on her 4 month of life, so starting with the small things, one day, it could change it. One shirt here, one dress there, it started coming those all wanted expectations she wanted before.

She then had an idea to try experiment her first business success opening a small store, wich calls NebuchadNezzar – NDN , and try sell her small things that she had created with lot of love. Until today she keeps that small store opened, she is very grateful that it was her first step of recognition around the metaverse. Trilochankaur Rehula wanted to keep a line of clothes on the exact same way she wanted on the beginning of her life on Second Life : A CyberGoth clothes line. Surrounding by friends, even herself, she started to put all the clothes she had in mind using her design techniques she learned before with Photoshop, and started drawing different things. Things that reminds her a bit of The Matrix Movies Enviroment. Each day, more techniques we learn. Trilochankaur Rehula gets proud to be called on fashion events, hunts, etc. She got very happy with that. Its a great response to good expectations coming from people, about what they think about her fashion line.

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